Last Day


Today is the last day of the giveaway. So if you haven’t already, make sure you head to this post to enter. I will be picking three winners at random and the prizes total over $400 retail! I will be back tomorrow (that’s right: Saturday postings) to announce the winners AND kick off the second exhibition, which opens tomorrow!

Thanks again to everyone who contributed and made this giveaway the best yet! Here’s the list of contributors. PLEASE support these talented artists and makers:

-Signed Print and Postcard Set from APAK -Pocket Calendars from Sandra Juto -Original on paper, Print, and 3 Button Set from Michele Bosak -Typewriter Print from Morgan Kendall -Acorn Necklace from Nea -Mustache Hankie and woodgrain coaster from Avril Loreti -Pear Ceramic Ornaments from Mudpuppy -Set of 3 Route 66 prints from Aqua Velvet -Pouches and Patches from Loverly Ink -Scarflette from Ruffled Feathers -Flower Card Sets from Goshery -Portrait ACEOs from Sabbio -Flower Pins from Pleated Poppy -Flower “Simplicity” Print from Leah Duncan -What Resolution Wall Calendar and Secret Codebook Journal from Perfect Laughter -Corset Card Set from Macaroni and Glue -Quilted Rockport Coasters from Unspeakable Visions -Vintage Bookplates and Accessories from Simple Vintage -Portrait Print and Postcard from Nosideup -Ceramic Pendant Necklace from Panopoly -Cloud Print and 2 Postcard Sets from Unravelling

And if you would like to contribute something to the next giveway, email me at I would love to hear from you.

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i love this! Perfect for those cold freezing chicago winters


I’m feeling lucky – Pick Me!

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