Let them eat Cake

My birthday is coming up…this Saturday. And what I am most excited about is that I will be eating some form of cake (currently leaning towards cupcakes). I haven’t really had any sweets in the last couple of weeks, so it’s safe to assume that I will just go ape-sh*t once I get my hands on some. Haven’t decided what kind to make.

Any suggestions for a yummy recipe?

Image Credit: Sweets by Alice B Gardens; Cupcake by Vickeh; Cupcake Card Set by Abby Try Again

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Wow. That blog is amazing Emily. I am really in trouble now! How am I going to decide? Wanted to share another link that Fiona of Fee-AMore sent over to me: http://mingmakescupcakes.yolasite.com/


happy birthday brittni! mine was on may 8th, :). my husband made me a yummy chocolate cake with vanilla coconut icing. so good! if you like coconut, of course.

caroline / coolranchstudio

You may quite possibly kill me for this but there is this fantastic blog all about cupcakes!!!
It is near impossible to recommend just one, and there are so many totally original recipes and combinations. Check it out.


I want to eat some of that cake!

jennifer dedonato

Hi Adr. Thanks so much for sending me this link. The cupcakes look amazing. AND Bonus- they are actually healthy! I am sensing, I’m going to “have to” make a lot of different kinds of cupcakes this year. 🙂


I made these cupcakes:

I substituted yogurt for the buttermilk and made a drizzle instead of cream cheese icing. they were a big hit.


Haha. Thanks so much Courtney- its hard not to use that word when I think about cupcakes. 🙂 And happy birthday to you too.

Stephanie- I love your idea for blueberry muffins…maybe I could make them for breakfast that day? Yum!



Blueberry muffins with cream cheese icing. MMMmmmmmmmm. Use Martha’s recipe for the best cream cheese icing EVER! http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/cream-cheese-frosting-for-carrot-cupcakes


i love your blog… but i have to tell you now that you used the phrase “ape-sh*t” i love you even more! 🙂 it’s my favorite! hehe… happy early birthday, fellow taurus!

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