Letters to Wear

The idea of personalized gifts has always been hit or miss in my book. It can be really special and beautifully done or totally miss the mark and wind up being sort of cheesy.

Well, these pieces from Foundling most certainly fall into the former category. They are gorgeous. And would make the perfect bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts in my opinion. Completely unique, but at the same time, lending themselves to anyone’s personal style….

1. For your Bridesmaids too (set of 5 personalized necklaces) $120

2. For your Groomsmen (set of 5 personalized pin boutonnieres) $120

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This blog write-up gave me an entire load of thoughts, many thanks for sharing


These are really gorgeous finds! Perfect to add them to my wedding planning! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!


Betsy of Foundling does such great work! And she’s also from Asheville NC, like me; too cool!


A thoughtful and modern gift that is a great fashion accessory for any style!


These are so great for the right wedding, what a lovely find!

xo Mary Jo

mary jo
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