Life through Instagram Lately

Life lately has been filled to the brim and I am loving it. Heres what Ive been up to this last week or so (aside from work of course)”¦

 I organized some of my craft supplies. Kind of. (above)

Had a co-working session with my friend Rosalie at the library.

Hung out with my favorite little man.

Got this poster in the mail.

And went down to the water to watch the ducks.

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Now I wanna know what you’ve been up to lately. Leave me a message in the comments below. And if you have an Instagram account of your own, be sure to include your username in your comment so I can take a looksie.

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Hi Brianne! Thank you. 🙂 You’ll have to let me know when you get Instagram on your phone so I can start following you.


Your kitty is the cutest! (in a sort of maniacal sort of way 😉 I can’t wait for Instagram to come to android so I can be a part of the club!


Hi Ann. I got the drawer and the tray from The Container Store (part of the Elfa organizers line):

Hi Trish. Instagram is coming to Android very soon. So you can join the fun soon! 🙂 Check out this Mashable article:



Sorry, I’m a Droid girl….waiting patiently for instagram for Android. Hoping it will come soon??? Loving these however & hoping you are well. May need to come back and do a little Papernstiching sometime soon…… 😉


I love that tray with organized supplies. What kind is it?
My instagram is: abeautifulparty. Just found you on there. Your pics are great! So inspiring!


Visiting everyone’s Instagram! Yes – it is addictive Brooke.


Hi Brittni – I just added you on Instagram! I’m at ohthatbrooke if you want to follow along. It’s sooo addictive, isn’t it?


Aw, thanks Danielle! 🙂


LOVE following you on Instagram.. you have the best pics 🙂

Danielle Hardy

i love instagram. Love that you have a mold of teeth! That poster is great!

I am @seriouslysassymama

Seriously Sassy Mama

I finally got an iphone and therefor finally have instagram! Hoorah hoorah hoorah!


Yes Rani. I highly recommend Instagram. It is so fun if you enjoy taking pictures.


Oh dear, already about a decade behind in ‘Social-Networking’ & technologies….now I simply must look into Instagram too.
Love what you’ve been up to this week & your shoes!!
This Rani is busy dusting away the dark-ages & the velvets & joining the 21st Century!
Cheers to you

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