Life through Instagram lately

These last couple of weeks, my plate has been pretty full. Here’s the fun stuff (not necessarily in this order)….

Found my trusty notebooks that were hiding from me (these are my favorite ones ever – and they are from Rifle).

Scored a few craft supplies for diy projects.

Went sailing with my dad (and Jeff). We went to Cali for a few days!

Reorganized the bookshelf.

And got stuck in traffic on the way to Muir Woods (which is so pretty). View from our car window when we were about a third of the way there.

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Now I wanna know what youve been up to lately. Leave me a message in the comments below. And if you have an Instagram account of your own, be sure to include your username in your comment so I can take a looksie.

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That boat photo looks like it’s from a magazine. Beautiful!

I’m kellytiramisu on instagram.


You have some lovely shots at your Instagram page! And I noticed that the “have a good one” photo matches the “R 61” – just the right yellow (I love a great photo match).

I just signed up; I’m here:


Dear Demoiselle

I’ve been sewing and packing my brain full of ideas and plans for my Etsy shop and blog that will soon be on the way! Your blog and so many others have been very inspiring!

mandophoto on instagram 🙂


Aren’t those awesome Veronica? You can pick one up here at Rifle Paper Co if you’re interested.


Cute notebooks!!


Hi Martia! It’s not hot here in Seattle, but when I was in Cali last weekend it was super hot (like 90 degrees hot) and I got pretty burnt when we went sailing. But I had a great time. Thanks for sharing what you’ve been up to.


This is funny but like you, my life has revolved around social networking lately. I have also posted a lot of pictures in my instagram account too. It’s very hot that’s why I do not want to go out. Is it hot there too?

Thanks for sharing!



Life through Instagram lately: These last couple of weeks, my plate has been pretty full…

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