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It’s been a busy (but fun) couple of weeks around here. I’m working on a big project, planning our move (in just a few weeks), and maintaining regular work stuff, along with a few new commitments. No complaints here – busy is good.

Here’s what else I’ve been up to lately…

(above) found a new favorite pair of shoes

did a little shopping for luna (and for me)

planned my schedule for the month / looked at old photos

and hung out with some penguins!

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Now I wanna know what youve been up to lately. Leave me a message in the comments below. And if you have an Instagram account of your own, be sure to include your username in your comment so I can take a looksie.

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Thanks Traci. I actually got them at Urban Outfitters (of all places?!).


I love the shoes! Where did you get?? I’m tracifuller on instagram 🙂


awesome jordan. have a good one!


oh awesome! great idea. i’ll definitely have to try that out 🙂 thanks brittni!

Jordan Brantley

found you and followed you marion. your cat is so pretty!


Knitting like crazy! Fall is in the air and I’m so excited. 🙂

You can follow me on instagram @marionglass


Hey Jordan. Thanks for the link. Your photos are beautiful! I think I’m already following you, but I’ll double check to be sure. And as for the bandanna – they do make it in your size. It’s actually a large cloth napkin that I folded in half to make a triangle and then in half again so it would fit Luna. I have another one that fits me. It’s in the last photo of this post:


oh my gosh, luna’s bandana! do they make that in my size? so stinkin’ cute.
love the update via instagram! I posted something similar not too long ago! ( )

thanks for sharing! 🙂

oh! and my instagram: jordanbrantley

Jordan Brantley

Life through Instagram Lately: It’s been a busy (but fun) couple of weeks around here. I’m…

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