Life through Instagram Lately

I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. Who knows, maybe your weekend is still kickin’ if you have today off for President’s Day?

Either way, I thought we’d start off light this morning. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately (feel free to share what you’ve been up to in the comments below)…

I bought myself some tulips.

Ate my first macaroon. And it was practically the size of a hamburger.

Finally went to the tippy-top of the Space Needle.

Was gifted this beautiful letterpress calendar by Fabien Barral.

And my office buddy may have mentioned she was pissed at me for not giving her treats. I should really get this girl into modeling.

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hmmm that is one huge macaroon! and i adore the look on your dogs face… that’s priceless.

amy - thank you cards shop

your blog has been a great inspiration to me! meliwill


Wow, this sounds like a perfect day for me! I love your photos, and the macaroon made me feel rather peckish…


Instagram is the best!


Instagram @ xgirl0



Oh I’m so jealous. Seattle is one of my favourite places in the world. I hope you got a pressed penny from the space needle and popped into the Sci-Fi museum!

I’m addicted to instagram all of a sudden too. You can see my photos if you search knit1slip1


ha! i know, right? i am so addicted. hope you are doing well emily!


Oh, how did we ever live before Instagram? πŸ˜€


Thanks ladies! Off to check out your instagram profiles. πŸ™‚


Oh boy, that macaron looks devine! And it’s huge! The ones we have here are pretty small and not that good.


would love to follow you on instagram! my “handle” is getsillytweets. i’m gonna try to find you now πŸ™‚


beautiful pics! I love the light and colours… glad I just found you on intagram, you can see me there at ‘naehmarie’.

xo, maria


I love your blog and the nice pictures!
I ate my first macaron at saturday! It was awesome but less than yours! Mhhhhhh!
My username at Instagram is: serendipitystrick
I follow you now! πŸ˜‰

Just keep going with this great blog!
Best wishes – Susanne


I wish I was still enjoying my weekend, but we get few days off around our office. That looks like a beautiful weekend. You really should give that beautiful pup a treat! I’m sure she deserves it for being so beautiful.

I had a pretty nerd-tastic weekend, which was busy yet still relaxing too (which was a nice change of pace). It was filled with brainstorming, anime & a little gaming too! One of the best ways to spend a weekend, in my opinion. πŸ™‚

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