Looking Elsewhere for Inspiration

After all the amazing business cards I collected at Alt, I’ve been thinking about changing my own business cards lately. So I started a new pin board the other day to round up some biz card inspiration but this week I’ve been looking at design work elsewhere to get some additional ideas…like poster design + invitations.

So I thought I share some design inspiration in the form of invitations from a shop called Lovli Day. I like the different fonts and colors. And the simplicity. Its amazing what using a few interesting typefaces will get you sometimes, huh?

 Where do you go for inspiration when you need it?

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I usually go to Pinterest when I’m looking to get inspired. If that’s not working, I shut off the computer and go outside for a little bit, which never fails to make me feel more creative.


I love these.

Seriously Sassy Mama

I always head over to Etsy for inspiration! The artist are so incredible and I always find 500 things I love! Oh and if you need inspiration in the form of fonts head over to lost type co, they have the coolest fonts!

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