Love/Hate: Harem Pant


Harem Pants from Anthropologie


Yesterday’s Love/Hate post sparked an interesting conversation, and so I thought I would bring Love/Hate back today on something that I have a pretty strong opinion about: the Harem Pants from Anthro. That’s right ladies, you too can look like Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin for just under $180?!


I normally don’t write anything negative on this blog, but these were just too much for me. They may look flattering on the model, but I can’t get passed the baggy MC Hammer look. And I usually love Anthropologie. What do you think? Would you wear these?

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I actually love the jasmine pant look, but there is an extremely fine line between sloppy and ultra-chic as far as the designs go. Armani makes some (called pirate pants) that are to die for, but the vast majority fail at the design. These Anthropologie pants are way too loose at the ankle, and way too baggy around the thighs and hips. If you take a close look at Jasmine’s pants, they have deliberate style in the cut: tight where it counts, loose where it counts, and that’s what these style of pants should be all about.


This isn’t the first time that Anthropologie has tried to bring back the harem pant. For some reason they really believe in them. It didn’t go so well the first time the tried to bring them into style. They all went on sale.

I agree that they look nice on the model, but in my life they wouldn’t fly.


The pants – no. But I like that shirt. 🙂


lets not go back to the days of hammer pants! please! lol


I had 2 pairs of these when I was in 7th grade. That was in 1986. Pre MC Hammer. All the cool girls were wearing them, so I forced my mom to buy them for me.
I think I weighed in at 90 pounds back then, so I’m sure they looked fine. On a grown up woman with “meat” on her bones… hmmm…probably not a good look. Why are these things getting resurrected anyway? Are designers running out of ideas?

Rachel B.

i think you could only pull it off if you were really skinny and beautiful – like I would probably just look like a sloppy mess! but yes, they look good on the model!


yeah…Just a little too reminiscent of the early 90’s for me.
I don’t think I could pull this off.
I’ve got a little too much junk-in-the-trunk for them.
I’d look more like a little marsh mellow than cute Jasmine.
I guess if the harem pant fits, wear it! 😀

michele maule

Yes, I have to say that I haven’t decided yet; it’s like for the “carrot pants” we’ve seen everywhere this winter in France, I still don’t know what to think about them! It’s very comfy and easy to throw into your luggage; as for wearing them “in the city”, you really need to chic the rest of the outfit up a lot! But 180$ when you can find them anywhere for 20, it’s a bit much, especially when they don’t look so great (too wide on the ankle). Well, Anthropologie goes crazy with $$ very often..


I actually love harem pants! I have a pair from when they were really trendy in Paris 2 years ago, when I lived there. They can look so awesome teamed up with the right pair of sandals and with that layered, bohemian look. Granted it won’t suit everyone, but it suited me.

And oh I would never spend 180$ on such an item.. I got mine from one of the Paris markets, pretty cheaply… like 20 euros I think?


Lisa Falzon

I agree as well – these are a disaster waiting to happen.

FormFire Glassworks

This I totally don’t mind. They look comfy. The ones with the long saggy crotch… yuck. And I’m really sorry that I just said those three words in succession on your blog. ; )


Maybe they’d look good at a beach party? Like, hey, I threw these on after a day of swimming instead of one of those terry cloth wrap things. I’m stretching here. As for me, you couldn’t pay me to wear them.


yeah, they’d make cute pajamas, but i’d never wear them in public!

Beth H

I’d wear ’em to bed!

Nancy Tobin

Glad to hear we agree on this one. When I saw it in my inbox yesterday, and thought, “What?”, but I’d be curious to know if anyone is on the other side of this as well. Anybody like these?


Yeah I have to say these pants aint good for no body.

Anna Ruby

Ooo, I have to save I’m with ya on this one!!!

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