Lush Love

Left to right. Prada Print from LushBella and Follow Me II from LushBella

Lush Bella that is. I know I have posted about how I love things that have a whimsical feeling in the past. But the work of Lush Bella gives new meaning to the word whimsy! 

Left to right. The Queens Cologne from LushBella and Tiny Pearls from LushBella

Here’s what the artist has to say about her work…

“One day…not very long ago, I began pulling a bunch of trinkets together and arranged them on our too tiny coffee table, and then left them there for days because I didn’t want to put them away, but a little problem I have is running out of space and then piling and piling, to the point where I can’t find anything, and then all I do is spend time looking for this or that, so I decided to photograph them, so that I wouldn’t forget what they looked like together. The process has become a way for me to remember what I have and to reminisce about what I was doing…where I was…and how I felt at the time I made their discovery.”

Morpho Pins Print from LushBella

Although I love them all, my favorite is Prada. For more from Lush Bella, click here.

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