Luxe Deluxe

Left to right. Morning Dew from Luxe Deluxe and Orla Earrings from Luxe Deluxe

If you haven’t visited the Luxe Deluxe jewelry shop, you must run not walk (figuratively of course, since the shop is online) there right now. Not only are the pieces absolutely beautiful, Adrienne has the shop stocked and I mean STOCKED with over 350 items!

Left to right. Winter Bloom from Luxe Deluxe and Milk Buds from Luxe Deluxe

I can’t wait to pick up a few of these pieces for myself. I have been really into jewelry lately.

Left to right. Nutty Squirrel from Luxe Deluxe and Rosemary from Luxe Deluxe

Luxe Deluxe has a huge summer sale going on right now, so be sure to check that out. For more from Luxe Deluxe, click here.

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Great blog!! I love all the items you have posted here, it’s amazing how many different artist there are (:


Wow, absolutely stunning jewelry. I think my favorite is the white with green leaf necklace and earrings.


wow, these are all gorgeous. how do you find such fabulousity?

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