Made by Hank

Images and arrangement c/o Made by Hank

If this photo board isn’t enough to entice you, I don’t know what will. Katie, creator of Made by Hank, makes the most charming bags you can imagine. I purchased one of her bags a couple of months ago, when I stumbled on her shop on Etsy. I have never been more pleased with an Etsy purchase. The purse arrived nicely packaged and had a little tag with a toy dinosaur sewn onto it. It even came with a note from Katie. 

1. Large Tough Ruffle Bag 2. The Molly Tote 3. Small Forest Green on Seafoam Clutch 4. The Judith Bag

But the packaging isn’t what sold me, it was the quality and construction of the bag. Katie spends four hours or more on each bag that she makes and has been sewing for five years now. Her experience and dedication is evident in all of her work. I have used this purse everyday since I received it and it is as good as new; not to mention, I receive compliments on it wherever I go.

Sewn Drawing from Party Party Party series by Katie Henry

As if making gorgeous bags wasn’t enough for this talented lady, I saw on her website that she also does intricate sewn drawings, which I was blown away by. Each piece tells such a bizarre story (in a good way), without saying a word. Lovely!

Sewn Drawings from Whirl Wind series by Katie Henry

As I was writing this post, I noticed that Katie had just updated her shop with a bunch of new bags. You must check them out! I love the kelly green bag and the ones with dark denim. For more from Made by Hank, visit Katie’s website, online shop, or blog.

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