Make This: DIY Mother’s Day Bouquet


There’s no easy way to transition back into regular postings after Monday’s post, but I thought something light to get back into the swing of things would be good. So I have a new DIY to share. Before I jump in to today’s project though, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has commented, tweeted, or emailed me about my grandmother these last couple of days. It has really brought a smile to my face to read through those. And I definitely needed that. So thank you!

Now let’s make a flower arrangement…

Whether you want to make an arrangement for your own home or save this idea for a Mother’s Day gift for mom, this DIY will be a fun one to try. And like all the flower projects you see here on P & S, it’s pretty easy too. Let’s get started…


You will need: a tall vase with s small(ish) opening, scissors, tulips, pink freesia, wax flowers, montecasino aster in white (the ones that look like tiny daisies), and solidago (the yellow, feathery looking filler)

Here’s how you make it: 1. Start by removing excess leaves from all the stems and some of the lower flowers on the solidago, wax flowers and montecasino. Cut the stems to a height that is a few inches higher than the height of the vase you are using. Then, separate all flowers into like piles so they are easy to grab as you creating the arrangement.

2. Next, take one stem of freesia and one small stem of solidago and place it in the vase. Then add a small stem of wax flower or montecasino. Varying the sizes of blooms that you use throughout will help give the bouquet a natural/organic look when it’s finished.

3. Begin adding additional stems, like the tulips, working your way around the entire arrangement. Sometimes, I spin the vase as I am adding flowers to make sure there aren’t any uneven areas or big holes forming.

4. Add additional montecasinos and wax flowers and a final tulip or freesia stem. If there are any areas that look less full, add a spring or two of solidago to finish it off. Add a gift tag and you’re ready to bring this over to mom’s house on May 12th. Or make one for yourself.


Make a mini bouquet: You could also use the same flowers to make a mini bouquet instead, without a vase. It’s a very similar process to the vase arrangement, but you start at the back and work toward the front. Tallest flowers are in the back, shortest in the front. Then tie it off with some ribbon and cut the stems at the bottom so they are all the same length.


Concept, photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

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Beautiful idea. Using silk flowers are great for bouquets as well.


Thanks for sharing your step by step tutorial for the flower arrangement. It’s really inspired me. Now I feel like I am going to start making them. I love flowers and I love the choice of your colours and the texture of the flowers.

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