Make This: Fresh Flower Halloween Sign


Here we are…day three of DIY Halloween week on P & S. Are you feeling these projects? I hope so, because I have another for you…

I’m going a little bit more ‘pretty’ for today’s Halloween project. Since I’ve been sticking with the creepy stuff mostly, it feels like a good change of pace for a Wednesday. So, here’s what happened… I picked up a bunch of flowers at the grocery store and pretty much followed the exact process of the giant flower ampersand I did a while back.

I freehanded the letters on a piece of mat board and cut them out. Then, I cut the stems off of a $4 bunch of flowers (I chose daisies because they’re hearty and will stay fresh without water for days AND this color combo kind of looked like bloodshot eyes to me. What do you think?) and attached them to the letters one by one with a hot glue gun. Pretty easy!

Fresh Flower Halloween DIY

I was thinking that these would make a cool sign for a front door, since they’re so light (you could stick them to the door with tape or Command strips). But you could also poke holes in each letter and turn it into a decorative garland/banner. Side Note: It was pointed out to me, in process, that ‘EEK’ actually only has two E’s, but I feel like this is a word that you can take some liberties on the ‘E’. So, we’re going with a really scared ‘EEK’…more like ‘EEEEEEEEK. I’m so scared.’ kind of a sign. Ha!

What do you think? Will you be making one of these for your door or porch this year?


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