Make This: The $2 Mini Message Bouquet DIY

bouquet on a budget //  costs $2

It’s not exactly a secret that I have a love affair of sorts with flowers.

The only downside, really, is that it can get expensive fast. And I happen to be most drawn to flowers that are pricey, for some reason. So I can break the bank without even trying. And I do on the regular.

But I do like a budget challenge as much as the next DIY girl, so I try to come up with affordable flower projects as often as possible. You know, when I’m not covering a three foot tall ampersand in piano garden roses or creating a hanging pendant light covered in calla lilies and dahlias.

Which is why, I’m happy to report that today’s flower DIY pretty much takes the cake on the budget scale. It costs $2 to make! And the flowers are store bought, not picked from my imaginary garden. The trick is using filler flowers, instead of larger blooms, and keeping it small. Super small.

DIY Flowers // secret message bouquet

My favorite part about these little bouquets though, aside from the price, is the secret message. It’s a nice surprise for whomever you decide to give these little bundles to. Once the newspaper is unwrapped from the bouquet, the message is revealed. Surprise!

I think these bouquets would be cool alternatives to standard thank you cards, Valentine’s Day gifts/ greeting cards, weddings, etc.

$2 mini DIY bouquet

making a mini bouquet for $2

make a two dollar budget bouquet

You can see the full tutorial and more photos on Project Wedding.

Think you’ll make some of these little guys? What messages can you think of that would be fun to unveil?

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I love this idea so much, the flowers you choose, the littleness of it, the paper, the message.. I love it all!


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