Making Presents Special…Tags Edition


Letterpress Gift Tags from Heather Smith Jones

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved wrapping presents. I can remember as early as ten, I would beg my mom to let me wrap all of the presents for under the tree, the more the merrier. I just really enjoyed doing it, and still do. So when November hits, I usually start searching for unique wrapping paper and tags. I have found quite a few so far, so I will be posting more over the coming weeks. But these are my favorites so far.


Warm Wishes and Happy Holidays Gift Tags Set from Alisha Gould

Packaging really does make all the difference sometimes and when everything is all wrapped up under the tree (if you celebrate Christmas), I can’t help but think that the best gifts must be in the coolest packaging. And who could resist jumping for joy to receive a present with a letterpress gift tag, like the ones from Heather Smith Jones? Or the inviting Warm Wish tags from Alisha Gould?


Holiday Gift Tags from Pink Bath Tub

And for a more colorfully festive option- tags from Pink Bath Tub. The little mittens image is just so cute!

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Those letterpress tags are the coolest. That rocking horse is just so adorable.


I also love wrapping gifts, it really feels like Christmas once you start to build up a pile of presents under the tree. I love this selection, especially the tags by Heather Smith Jones, simple yet striking.

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