Mama says, “Be Ladylike”

Mothers are always telling their daughters to act appropriately, dress modestly and be “ladylike,” even into their adult years. This mother + daughter team from Ladylike has some help for you. Find adornments that you love + that show your mom you were listening. Or at least you look like it.

Check out Ladylike on Etsy for the entire collection.

About Rachel Anne: She is a 20-something wife and mother of one, who enjoys making things for her embroidery and tiny handmade goodies shop called, Goose and Trisser. You can visit Rachel Anne on her blog here.

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So so cute! Time to start crocheting.


I love crochet Jordan. I never learned how to do it though.


so girly! i might just have to purchase one!


It looks sweet! I’ll drop by your etsy shop!


Thank you to everyone for your kind comments. I love Jordan’s craft room. Dreaming of a room like that. I also love Katia yarn! So soft to work with. Becky, my daughter and I love “girly” things. So much fun making them.

Hugs to all.


gorgeous. love the flower and the picture mood 🙂

greetings from germany

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