Masa Ceramics: Handcrafted with Old World Flavor

Collaborations that come together this perfectly are rare in the handmade community. MASACeramics is a joint effort between Italian Sculptress Clara Graziolino and Venezuelan Designer and Illustrator Maria Virginia Montiel. Together they present exclusive ceramics, each one painted with a prismatic flower illustration.

The texture in this line reminds of the chipping plaster walls so common in Europe (no surprise with a duo based out of Madrid, Spain), but don’t let their frail appearance and delicate painted flowers fool you. Both the finish (using biological materials) and the use of ceramic ink fired at 860 degrees Celsius mean that the dishes can be used for all normal domestic purposes.

You can use these dishes in your kitchen, but each set is so pretty you might just want to hang them on your wall and admire them! There are no identical pieces in this line, each piece has it’s own personality and story to tell.

Check out the MASACeramics Etsy Shop to see more.

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These dishes are just lovely. Thanks for sharing!

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