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By Brittni • Updated on 07/08/2011

A couple of months ago, I was asked to contribute a party project to HGTV’s website, and (duh) I was honored to 1) be asked 2) actually put something new together- it’s been a while since my last tutorial. The article recently went live on and I wanted to share an outtake with you (the photo above is not the one they decided to use, so head over to the DIY Party article to see the one they picked).

My DIY party project is number 10 of 13 (it’s on a slideshow thingy-ma-gig). Thanks to Jen Jafarzadeh L’Italien from The Haystack Needle who put this whole thing together for HGTV.

If you love crafting, visit the DIY Party article on now (lots of great ideas).

And along those same lines, I wanted to give a shout out to 2Modern who has been posting up links to my DIYs lately (plus Lauren’s book frame diy that she did for Papernstitch), and I really appreciate the link love. You should check out their blog (good inspiration source).

If you’d like more info on one of these three projects, which were recently featured on 2Modern, you can get the full tutorials here…

Make a Book Picture Frame

Polaroid Magnet Frames

Uncanny Cork Containers and Vases

And if you have any thoughts on these DIYs or would like to share what you think I should make next, please leave your response in the comments below.

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Me in Mollie Makes magazine | Paper & Stitch

Thanks April. Yes, there is a tutorial, but I believe it got super condensed for the HGTV slideshow. So here are the instructions and materials:

Materials: string or thread, recycled catalogues or magazines, glue stick, scissors
Optional Materials: 3 inch circle hole punch

Step by Step Instructions:
1. Punch desired number of circles (this number will vary depending on how long you want your streamer to be). These can be hand cut if you don’t have a paper punch. Just grab a small bowl, turn it outside down, trace, and cut. You’ll need approximately 3 circles for every foot of streamer.
2. Fold each circle in half once, then unfold to reveal the full circle again, and cover one side in glue using your glue stick.
3. Leaving 1-2 feet of string on the end for hanging, place your first circle (with glue already on it) onto the string, placing the string over the original fold mark that you made.
4. Fold your paper circle over the string and press down firmly for ten to fifteen seconds to create a half circle shape.
5. Leave 1-2 inches of string for spacing and begin adding your next circle the same way as the first.
6. Once you have reached your desired length, leave another 1-2 feet for hanging and then cut excess string. Now you are ready to party! Hang your streamers where ever you’d like and don’t forget to save them after the party is over for next time.

Pro Tip: Style your freshly made streamers with fun signs and artwork to complete the look. I chose a handmade “hello” sign made of recycled wood from William Dohman to greet guests as they enter the party.


That’s such an honor, and the garland is amazing! I was wondering if there was a tutorial? I couldn’t find one. I’d love to make one!


Thanks everyone for the sweets comments. 🙂 Makes me smile to have the support.


super fun banner brittni! that is an honor…..


Congrats. I liked yours the best. Will definitely be trying it out.


Yay! Congratulations Brittni! I am off to check things out!X

Annamaria Potamiti

Woohoo congrats Brittni!! The DIY slideshow on HGTV looks fab; so awesome to see you there! The garland tutorial is really nice too.


Thanks Nicole. How sweet. 🙂


OMG!! yea!! How exciting for you!!!

Nicole Underwood
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