Mega Giveaway!


UPDATED on 11/10: The first papernstitch exhibition celebration giveaway is finally here!!! And I am positively thrilled to bring this giveaway to you today. I am so thankful to all the wonderful and talented artists and makers who have donated work for this. I have been drooling over all the packages that have been coming in over the last week, and I am still waiting on a couple, so I will be updating this post as I receive things.

We’ve got a little bit of everything (as you can see from the image above- ALL of the pieces you see above are in the giveaway AND there are bunches more too- see below- not the greatest photos below. will try for better ones when the sun comes back out). The total retail value of all the items is over $400 and there will be three winners!


How to enter: It’s simple, visit the papernstitch site (either the homepage or products page) and find a product that you love (it doesn’t have to be a product or seller from the giveway, but it be great if it was). Post the link in the comment section of this post and tell why you like it (just a sentence is fine). You can enter more than once if you like, if you have more than one favorite product. You have until Friday, November 14th at midnight EST to enter and I will announce the winner on Saturday, November 15th (the day that the second exhibition kicks off). Be sure to check back on Saturday to see if you are a winner!

Thanks again to all the contributors. Please check out their shops and show them some love:

-Signed Print and Postcard Set from APAK

-Pocket Calendars from Sandra Juto

-Original on paper, Print, and 3 Button Set from Michele Bosak

-Typewriter Print from Morgan Kendall

-Acorn Necklace from Nea

-Mustache Hankie and woodgrain coaster from Avril Loreti

-Pear Ceramic Ornaments from Mudpuppy

-Set of 3 Route 66 prints from Aqua Velvet

-Pouches and Patches from Loverly Ink

-Scarflette from Ruffled Feathers

-Flower Card Sets from Goshery

-Portrait ACEOs from Sabbio

-Flower Pins from Pleated Poppy

-Flower “Simplicity” Print from Leah Duncan

-What Resolution Wall Calendar and Secret Codebook Journal from Perfect Laughter

-Corset Card Set from Macaroni and Glue

-Quilted Rockport Coasters from Unspeakable Visions

-Vintage Bookplates and Accessories from Simple Vintage

-Portrait Print and Postcard from Nosideup

-Ceramic Pendant Necklace from Panopoly

-Cloud Print and 2 Postcard Sets from Unravelling




If you are interested in sending work for the next giveaway, you can email me at and I will get you all the details.

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News « Paper and Stitch

It made me laugh…


cant get enough of feathers and leaves…


Amazing hand cut multi layered paper sculpture


Push and pull is amazing….


Ever green mixed media painting is very nice. When I look I felt very pleasant. Also the painting can fit any place..


Rococo Knit Shawl Crochet knith shawl is superb.I like the color and look very modern on any dress


yellena’s work is so gorgeous. i’m so excited to discover this artist. i love this:

Ann Flowers

this is so yummy and romantic!

Ann Flowers

I am very excited to be part of papernstitch’s next show! The work was amazing and I have a couple of favs……… Modern Radar is simple beautiful.
And I have been a huge fan of Helis, I am planning on order a couple of books for my daughter for christmas.

Shannon Duffy

I have been coveting Nea’s Pterodactyl necklace for a very long time, so I have to pick it for my favorite!


I am oddly drawn to this tribolite in Panopoly’s store:


I love these booties:

They look so soft and comfy and I love the dark chocolate color.


I really like “Puppy Riders” by APAK.

All of the APAK stuff is really surreal and this one just opens the door on such a strange world.


Oh, is that patch of a narwhal, one of my son’s favorite animals? Loverly’s items are great fun, like this fabulous tote:

karen m

So many, many lovelies listed in the giveaway. Nea’s necklaces and flora wall wear capture and invite daydreams!

karen m

I love a LOT here! And I really love this:

Nea’s Floral Wall Wear – 13 … very pretty and unique!


omg i must have this!

sarah b

sean just got something like this at first fridays in 5 pts. but it’s got a full beard so it’s super manly, but i think i could pull off a little stache like this . . .

sarah b

this coffe cup makes me wanna start drinking coffee at home.

sarah b

These took my breath away. They are gorgeous – I love the old world vintage look to them.

Cheryl E

I love organizing and what fun with this:

Cheryl E

So hard to choose just one!

This really appeals to me:

I like the recycled nature, and the colors. It’s whimsical and funky, like everything else on your site.

Wendy S

This is so fun! I love writing sets and these are just too adorable…

Cheryl E.

This is perfect for those freezing Chicago winters!


I like the fishies letterpress card. What can I say I love paper products, and I love the look of letterpress.


This horse reminds me of an anniversary trip to Stockholm, Sweden. We brought back a wooden horse that is a doppelganger of this card. That trip holds many memories for me, and this card really triggered them.


My grandmother loves owls, and I’ve slowly started my own collection.

Bekah A

I love the uniqueness of this piece and would love to add it to my growing collection of necklaces!

Bekah A

These remind me of my sister’s obsession with frames! So beautifully paired with the print.

Bekah A

Because it reminds me of so many silly times in college.

Bekah A

what an awesome opportunity–thank you for introducing me to such great artists.


not in the giveaway but lovely nontheless, a common thread’s fingerless mitts


This Pterodactyl Necklace by nea is just perfect


An absolutely charming photo by mkendall…


Love these bowls by mudpuppy


Avril Loreti’s Blackboard Coasters are wonderfully funny




oh! I had to submit my favorites in two comments? oops.

second fav!

2. unravelling prints. amazingly beautiful pictures. they inspire me so much peace!

sushi lover

You boast an amazing group of talented (and generous!) people!
It’s quite hard to choose a favorite so I’m gonna go for two!

1. nosideup prints. I absolutely adore Maria Gil Uldemollins’s prints!
They’re so dramatic and balanced!

2. unravelling prints. amazingly beautiful pictures. they inspire me so much peace!

sushi lover

i loooooove this:

not only do i want the print, i want the shoes themselves!!!


I love this black and white pillow –


[…] is the last day of the giveaway. So if you haven’t already, make sure you head to this post to enter. I will be picking three […]

Last Day « Paper and Stitch

Sandra Juto’s wrist worms would be more than useful in our cold cold house


The Eccentric Cryptotypographer’s print Lesser-Known Polygons No. 13 is just what i’m looking for.


I love this little print, it’s absolutely gorgeous 🙂

Em Stronach

It was a tie between jill rosenwald Mini bowl in tears design and Wolfie and the Sneak’s educational posters. I mean, i would love to eat my cereal and learn at the same time! Too perfect


I lurv the birds on a wire. Not only do they remind me of my favorite Rogue Wave song, but also when I look at them I feel a little bit peaceful. Priceless.


I’m having a loogie baby girl in March and she would rock these! They’re so cut…I want a pair too!


If I had my druthers I’d also take the “Port Elgin” painting by Rachel Austin. I’ve loved her work for awhile now but that one especially has me eyeing my check book…


I’m in love with the Ted clusters by Domestic Constructions. To imagine a whole pile of glowing teacups above my studio table just seems so cozy and heavenly!


I don’t understand why my URLS aren’t coming up 🙁

It’s these two:


and Noisedup:


Also loving the prints by Noised up. I love simple black and white illustration, gorgeous.



I love them all!!… Although one of my favs has to be the gold acorn pendants by Nea, what can I say… I am a magpie and they are beautiful!



and something from the paperandstitch site that i LOVE is this:

the sweet face, the murmuring heart… it gets me.

emma assin

this is too too perfect – that No. 1 tag makes it so incredibly desirable! i think if i had it i would find some nice way to display it and never ever sully its beauty by using it 😀

emma assin

I’ve been drooling over the acorn necklaces from Nea forever…I’ve got a thing for acorns.


I’ve been eyeing the acorn necklaces from Nea forever…I’ve got a thing for acorns.


I’ve had my eye on Yellena’s Maybe print for months!!! I’ve even blogged about it twice. It now just comes down to convinving my husband that it’s not too busy to hang in our home. =)


I’ve always loved birds on the wire 🙂


bunnies! in scarves! this sound be hanging in my room 🙂


Cute print! I’d love it hanging at the office


I absolutely love the detail in all of Nosideup prints…

Happy Owl Glass

These are too cute to be put on cards:


Cute bag that I’d love to lug around:


A sweet vintage bracelet that I’d love to wear:


I always get too cold in winter. These would be perfect!


Another neckwarmer that I’d love to wear:


This would keep me so warm! Great bold color too!


Another cute apron! I love cute aprons!


What a cute apron! I’ll be needing this around the house!


How can I not like this bunny?! Too cute!


Very unique! I’d love it on my finger!


Gorgeous color combo!


Love the colors! And the swallow’s just nice


Multi chain necklaces are a fave of mine. Well done!


Gorgeous color! Very pretty!


I love bold necklaces. This is a great one!

This is super cute! I’d love it for my niece! 🙂


Matte Stephens work is another favourite


I love the simplicity of these bunnies.


It is so hard because I love all of it!

But I’ve been eyeing this one for a while:

It will be mine soon. <3


I am currently in love with this darling print:

How adorable would this be up on a wall? The antennae on the house’s roof really just seals the deal. 🙂



I love the most beautiful night print shown here:



I love this pillow by modern radar, seems like it would go nicely with most home decor color scheme while still holding it’s own!


Oh my, I just love these Acorn necklaces by Nea. So simple and beautiful!

They remind me of a crisp fall day. Rosy cheeks and all!

Katie McClenahan

[…] if you haven’t already, make sure you enter the Mega papernstitch Giveaway, with prizes totaling over $400 retail! The deadline for entry in the giveaway is this Friday at […]

Reminders « Paper and Stitch

I’m in love with Royal Buffet’s delicate paper creations. Especially the butterfly wreath –


i also loved this apron!


this mug is just delightful!


I love this:

It’s so hard to find a good skirt these days!


I love to recycle so I love this brooche!


This handpainted pendant is lovely!
I like very much the colors and the filigree…


This flower brooch is super cute!!
it would match my new scarf!!


i love everything in paige russel’s shop. clean and simple design, a lovely minimalist palette.


I think the Teapot Gocco print cards from Flower Press are gorgeous.

Ashley Mackay

oh, i love the green acorn necklace from Nea!


So many lovely, lovely shops. But I have to say that I am in serious like with Morgan Kendall’s ‘we must be over the rainbow’. Beautiful!

Jennifer H.

ow, forgot to paste the link in the comment above:


Of all the gorgeous items included in this giveaway, I like the ‘lost in a daydream print’ the best! I’ve always had a thing for vintage typewriters, keyboards and anything buttonshaped with letters on it :). The lighting in this picture is so dreamy that it reminds me of how the sun often sets on my own keyboard when I’m typing out my stories. I would love to hang it above my desk for inspiration!

P.S.: It’s funny how a moustachio looks good on anything except on men 🙂


Mustache Hankie and woodgrain coaster from Avril Loreti

Love it!!! 😉



I love the Nosideup prints of drawings of hair styles, specifically Kathrina.


And these for the wedding saturday.

Saralynn T.

These are already mentally being packed in my camp stowaway.

Saralynn T.

I really love the pieces ‘ What Resolution Wall Calendar and Secret Codebook Journal from Perfect Laughter’


I really love the pieces ‘ What Resolution Wall Calendar and Secret Codebook Journal from Perfect Laughter’


ROYAL BUFFET! I love the recycled paper sculpture stuff. AMAZING! Very inspiring.


hands down, the moustaches!

Thanks for including me!


I love so much of Nea’s things and I have for a while.

I hope I win.

Renee Khan

Renee Khan

Look at how gentle it is! And then pause to think about real lace made of bubbles. Whoa.


I love this scarf from noussnouss. So cute! Pink & black work so well together, and it looks mighty cozy!



i am a textile design lover and coveter…

any of the teatowels by Flower Press

they are frameworthy!


and i have to mention michelle bosak’s work. i’m a huge fan of hers and have been for a while. her pieces are so lovely.

Ann Flowers

Betsy Walton’s work makes me want to stop everything i’m doing and hurry along to my studio to draw and paint. it’s so inspiring.

Ann Flowers

I can’t even find words to describe why I love these so much. My fingers itch to hold them. The colors are like candy. They are just lovely.

Ann Flower

And how can anyone not smile at the cute bunnies in Bunnies Adrift by Argyle Whale?!


Also love Janice Jong’s The Orange Box print – great colors and composition


Love the lights by Domestic Construction esp Madge in the robin’s egg blue – a creative way to use teacups!


Pretty Flower Power notecards from macaroni and glue are so full of fun!


Very cute Automna ring from Sabbio. I love chunky retro-looking items like this.


Sandra Juto has some lovely items for sale – the wrist Worms seem to be popping up all over the place at the moment. I love thick turquoise ones ;D


The Happy Hermits’ Journal/Sketch Book from Apak is gorgeous!


I love maps and this glass pendant is so cute!!
thanks for doing this giveaway!


What a great giveaway! In Royal Buffet I found a Butterfly Clebration wreath! It would be so pretty for next spring, or an inspiration to get me through another LONG Maine winter!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Rhonda Mason

This is super cute too…and would totally match my decor


I think this is beautiful!

I also like these calendars…because it’s true!


I love Matte Stephens!

his krasner kitty print (and all his work) is so full of personality!


I love this print by Matte Stephens. I like how ‘Vivienne’ is looking out of the frame of the picture…makes me want to know what’s going to happen next. The combination of colors are pleasing as well. ( I have this image as a favorite on flickr.)


how cute are the Felted Wool Pinpods from Papaver Vert! definitely a favorite; i fall easily in love with little objects that hold things that tend to get lost around my house.


[…] -The giveaway is still alive and kicking until this Friday…Make sure you enter (really great pr… […]

Busy, Busy. « Paper and Stitch

I love this acorn necklace! i love how simple it is.


Cold, dreary weather has arrived. It would brighten my day to be a lucky winner!


This blue bird from ruffledfeathers is soo cute …would look perfectly on my xmas installation!


I need to learn to knit right now!

Rococo Knit Shawl (Wool & Llama)

Thank you!


This bag is adorable too! Petite Folie bag – black&yellow.


The Margot wrap is fabulous!


I love APAK’s print titled Enchanted Observers!

Jessica Dougherty

I loke this print from laurageorge:


I love this vintage handbag from Simple Vintage:


this is an adorable elephant! i think my daughter would LOVE IT!

emily sparks

I love the little Woodland Owl Ornaments by mudpie!!! Super cute!

Amby Barnes

I love the reclaimed teacup and saucer from Mudpuppy — it’s simple, modern, and elegant — something that would brighten up a cloudy day.


I would like to receive this card
We have never enough peace, joy, cheer…


This felted wool pinpod really is an art object with a purpose!
So cozy!


I’m definitely in love with every pillow made by Parkersewn
Every stitch on felt leaves or circles designs a world…


And love this gorgeous neckwarmer.
It make me think of cold days of november, a little cafe in Paris…


I love this coin purse:

Love the idea of something new and awesome from something old…


I have one last favorite- this Windy Afternoon print from shirae:


Go Amie

And these fingerless gloves from Tickled Pink Knits look so inviting!

(Can you tell I was cold today?)

Go Amie

This neckwarmer from noussnouss is sublime:

Go Amie

I LOVE everything from Dutch Door Press! I just found them a few days ago. So lovely…

the tilted tulip

I LOVE this:

This would go wonderfully with my new winter coat (tweed!) and a pair of sassy heels.


i love bird art, and i love mixed media. the super simple shapes in this collage painting make it hard to look away from it!

kristen k.

simple, light, and pretty.

kristen k.

i’m ALWAYS looking for bright, original containers for all the stuff i carry every day! these sprout pouches are just what i’d pick up.

kristen k.

in additon to being unique, gorgeous, and elegant, this piece is actually functional!

kristen k.

i like this tote b/c it’s light, fresh, and whimsical.

kristen k.

I know Yellena isn’t part of the giveaway, but her work is absolutely beautiful. It was hard to pick just one, but I think this is my favorite…


I love all of the Moon Buns by Moon’s Creations. So cute!


I really can’t get enough of one of a kind clothing for my boys, this shirt is unbelievably cute.


this would look just amazing on my sons wall, I love the colors!


I love the Woodland Owl ornaments by Mudpuppy. I used to collect owl things when I was a kid and still have a soft spot for them!


i love sandra’s wristworms because they are comfy, cozy and definitely “handy” in keeping my hands warm during the montreal winter. also, my favourite colours happen to be grey and green, and this is just the prfect combination of the two!


ps i also love this brooch.
so cute and fun!

deanne s.

i love all the ceramics in mudpuppy’s shop. the woodland owl ornaments are particularly charming!

deanne s.

As an avid bibliophile, I would love to won the “reading” print from shirae.

Alegria B.

What do I love? Aqua Velvet’s vintage photographs. A moment to dream on a dun and dreary day.


love the mixer cocktail napkins!!!


Okay, this is the last one (I can’t resist – this giveaway is a dream!):
I’ve been obsessed with quilting lately – making a couple quilts of my own. This one is gorgeous – a bright burst of vivid color with fun, modern quilting. Crossing my fingers!


Cowls are adorable – this one looks soft, warm, chic, and I like the ivory color:


May need to get this cute vintage-y sailor shirt:


This is so beautiful! It combines modern letterpress with folkart designs


Almost went to school for geography, so of course I adore maps:


This would be amazing for a party or as a gift:

I like the color and shape


Gorgeous example of handicraft – nice to have on a wall:


I used to get silhouettes done as a kid – this would be a great wedding portrait:


Would love to hang this on my desk:


Wow, wow, wow – I can’t get over the incredible shading and detail in this piece:


Love it! Quirky subject matter, nice detail:


Wow – what a colorful, unique collage!


The color, texture, design – would be gorgeous to wear it this winter!


Shape and texture of these is classic and modern.


Could this be cuter? Spooky and handmade.


The shape and smoothness of the porcelain is beautiful and appealing.


Hoping to get one of these tea sets – they’re simple and streamlined, but quirky


Cute idea – I like items about love!


Elephant journal – love the cute illustrations and the butcher paper.


I like the knit items because they’re unique, functional, and handmade.


Oh, my goodness – so many beautiful items!
Some faves:



This necklace would make me smile each time I put it on. I’ll have to pass a hint on to my husband!


One more:

Because I’m freezing as I type.


When my Aunt Lorraine last visited from Australia, I convinced her that the jackalope was in fact a native species to the Canadian prairies and that she should keep her eyes peeled. I think I’ll send her this card for her birthday.


I am loving the green buttons wall hanging:

so cute!


So many cute items to choose from! My favorite is the Bubble Lace Ring 4A- very unique and fashionable!


This was quite tricky, so many lovely things, but I kept being drawn back to the owl ornament at mudpuppy. All of their things were very sweet, but in a natural way.


domestic construction’s ted cluster!!

They make such unique items and the colours in the ted cluster are just so cute and fun and all that good stuff!!


I love this print:

Love the color, the space, and the simplicity of it!!


I love this print…

So whimsical and beautiful!

Mandy Ford

So many amazing prizes! But I have to say I LOVE this print by Morgan Kendall:


I’m enamored with Papaver Vert. Such simple elegance. There’s something warm and inviting about all the different products she has. Definitely makes me want to fill my house with them all.


I love Sunday Afternoon by MKendall Photography!

Kelly Edge

What a fantastic selection. Gotta support the fellow Canadian Avril Loreti! Those Mustache Handkerchiefs are hilarious! Love it…

Kristin Liu

I am simply smitten with Moon’s little arugumi. I am planning on purchasing a few to give away as holiday gifts.I really like the ones with hoodies, like Autumn Forrest Moon. But I think I will have a shot at designing my own as she offers customs creations! I love all things hand made and have deep respect for the artsists who make things.I always eenjoying window shopping in your shop and reading the blog – thanks for having your give-away, it is lots of fun!

Nancy Topolski

I also love the Butterfly Celebration wreath from Royal Buffet – it is so whimsical and ethereal and would make a perfect decoration for my new house.

Jennifer Ladd

I love the Avenue screen-printed fabric from Summersville. It would make very cute, bright bags!

Jennifer Ladd

I love the You Are My Sunshine sign. Very sweet.


While I agree with nikki and the others that it’s nearly impossible to choose my favorite out of this bunch, I’ve been eyeing Michele Bosak’s work for a while now, and I’m very excited to see a small bundle of her art in this giveaway.

Her style is very clean and understated, which I really love; it’s the perfect mix of catchiness and quietness. And either of the pieces offered above would loook lovely in my new apartment and make me oh so happy!


I am feeling kissy-kissy about A Common Thread’s cashmere blend cowl.

Oh, please, let it be me!


Despite the fact that I feel this question is akin to asking someone to choose their favorite child, I’d have to say oneof my favorites is the ‘enchanted garden’ print from mkendall, here:
– It’s so sparkly and warm and just beautiful.


The Wildlife Necklace from Luxe Deluxe.
I’ve been wanting a pair of (real) antlers for some time now, but I’m practically a nomad who lives off moving boxes, so that’s just not gonna work. This necklace is a little out of my price range, but would be the perfect solution to end all my misery!


Love the cards from Goshery – such great details!


I really like the wooden fruit set, I love vintage wood. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


I love the mixed media painting called Manzanilla – it would be the perfect gift for my map and bird-loving friend 🙂 Here’s the link:


I love the Luxurious Wool & Alpaca Shawl and the Twist and Shout Merino Wool Knit Scarf! They’re so gorgeous and stylish, plus they’d keep me warm during winter.


As much as I love the adorable flower pins by the pleated poppy, I think the ‘lost in a daydream’ print is just what I need.

One day when I stop procrastinating, I hope to be a full time writer (design journalist in fact), and this lovely print would take pride of place above my desk to inspire me daily!


I really like the Flower “Simplicity” Print from Leah Duncan.


My favorite is ted

It’s so special. It’s a little more than I can afford, but it is so inspiring that even looking at it makes me happy.

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