Mega Giveaway!


UPDATED on 11/10: The first papernstitch exhibition celebration giveaway is finally here!!! And I am positively thrilled to bring this giveaway to you today. I am so thankful to all the wonderful and talented artists and makers who have donated work for this. I have been drooling over all the packages that have been coming in over the last week, and I am still waiting on a couple, so I will be updating this post as I receive things.

We’ve got a little bit of everything (as you can see from the image above- ALL of the pieces you see above are in the giveaway AND there are bunches more too- see below- not the greatest photos below. will try for better ones when the sun comes back out). The total retail value of all the items is over $400 and there will be three winners!


How to enter: It’s simple, visit the papernstitch site (either the homepage or products page) and find a product that you love (it doesn’t have to be a product or seller from the giveway, but it be great if it was). Post the link in the comment section of this post and tell why you like it (just a sentence is fine). You can enter more than once if you like, if you have more than one favorite product. You have until Friday, November 14th at midnight EST to enter and I will announce the winner on Saturday, November 15th (the day that the second exhibition kicks off). Be sure to check back on Saturday to see if you are a winner!

Thanks again to all the contributors. Please check out their shops and show them some love:

-Signed Print and Postcard Set from APAK

-Pocket Calendars from Sandra Juto

-Original on paper, Print, and 3 Button Set from Michele Bosak

-Typewriter Print from Morgan Kendall

-Acorn Necklace from Nea

-Mustache Hankie and woodgrain coaster from Avril Loreti

-Pear Ceramic Ornaments from Mudpuppy

-Set of 3 Route 66 prints from Aqua Velvet

-Pouches and Patches from Loverly Ink

-Scarflette from Ruffled Feathers

-Flower Card Sets from Goshery

-Portrait ACEOs from Sabbio

-Flower Pins from Pleated Poppy

-Flower “Simplicity” Print from Leah Duncan

-What Resolution Wall Calendar and Secret Codebook Journal from Perfect Laughter

-Corset Card Set from Macaroni and Glue

-Quilted Rockport Coasters from Unspeakable Visions

-Vintage Bookplates and Accessories from Simple Vintage

-Portrait Print and Postcard from Nosideup

-Ceramic Pendant Necklace from Panopoly

-Cloud Print and 2 Postcard Sets from Unravelling




If you are interested in sending work for the next giveaway, you can email me at and I will get you all the details.

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Love it! Quirky subject matter, nice detail:


Wow – what a colorful, unique collage!


The color, texture, design – would be gorgeous to wear it this winter!


Shape and texture of these is classic and modern.


Could this be cuter? Spooky and handmade.


The shape and smoothness of the porcelain is beautiful and appealing.


Hoping to get one of these tea sets – they’re simple and streamlined, but quirky


Cute idea – I like items about love!


Elephant journal – love the cute illustrations and the butcher paper.


I like the knit items because they’re unique, functional, and handmade.


Oh, my goodness – so many beautiful items!
Some faves:



This necklace would make me smile each time I put it on. I’ll have to pass a hint on to my husband!


One more:

Because I’m freezing as I type.


When my Aunt Lorraine last visited from Australia, I convinced her that the jackalope was in fact a native species to the Canadian prairies and that she should keep her eyes peeled. I think I’ll send her this card for her birthday.


I am loving the green buttons wall hanging:

so cute!


So many cute items to choose from! My favorite is the Bubble Lace Ring 4A- very unique and fashionable!


This was quite tricky, so many lovely things, but I kept being drawn back to the owl ornament at mudpuppy. All of their things were very sweet, but in a natural way.


domestic construction’s ted cluster!!

They make such unique items and the colours in the ted cluster are just so cute and fun and all that good stuff!!


I love this print:

Love the color, the space, and the simplicity of it!!

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