Melbourne Artist : Mizaru

Mizaru is an artist living in Melbourne, Australia who sells her whimsical prints on Etsy. Dont ask me why I fall in love with so many of Ozs finest, it just so happens those Aussies have something in their water. And whatever it is, I want some! If it would lead me to create such fantastical imagery as this, I wouldnt mind drinking my required eight cups a day. In the meantime, lets indulge in the beauty created by others.

Mizaru is prepping for her first set of gallery shows and stock in her Etsy shop is dwindling and wont be available again for some time, so I would scoot along if I were you. Snatch some up for your walls before theyre all gone!

See you next week.

-Letitia from Dujour

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Very dramatic. I interpret it as the mind wishing to sail away while the body must remain in the world.


Diana! First of all, how are you doing? It’s been a long time! Hope you are well. And second, your explanation is intriguing. Definitely gives me something to think about with these. There is certainly more happening here than just decorative, wall-candy. Hmmm…


this art is amazing. i love how light the images are. dreamy. magical…


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