Mid-Week Photo Inspiration

This week I am working from Whistler. Surprise!

I’ve never been to Canada, so it’s pretty great to be here. My only (tiny) complaint is that it is really cold! Really, really cold. I thought Seattle was chilly, but Whistler is hardcore, especially for a girl like me who is always cold anyway (I can be indoors with pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a blanket and still be cold).

So this week, I am thinking warm thoughts and looking forward to spring with some photos from Bleau Oiseau.

Hope my mid-week inspiration will be that for you too…

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hey brianne (and ellesee). yep-first time. its actually my first time to canada as well. 🙂 its been lovely.


First time to Whistler? Fun! I don’t get up there very often, but its so pretty.


That’s funny, because it’s actually warmer in my part of Canada than it normally is. Enjoy Whistler!

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