Book Tour: Cy Twombly: A Monograph

By Brittni • Updated on 09/09/2023

I just want to pinch myself over the fact that I have this book: Cy Twombly: A Monograph by Richard Leeman.


I think its best to start with a little background story…

When I was in college, I was talking to one of my professors about my work at the time and she said, ” You should check out Cy Twombly. I bet you would like him.”

I had never heard of him up to that point, and so as soon as I got home, I looked him up.

I immediately took a liking to Twombly’s flowing, organic lines and gestural style.

And so I began researching him more and more, and asked for one of his books for Christmas that year.


The catalogue that I was searching for turned out to be expensive and EXTREMELY hard to find, so I eventually gave up on it completely.

Long story short – my very kind mother tracked it down and completely surprised me this Christmas with the book I had been searching for years earlier! I am so lucky.


Anyway, now that I have completely bored you with my story, it is probably time to talk about the actually book!

Wow- it is well over 300 pages of full and filled with over 350 color illustrations, and of course,  pull-outs and text (biographical with loads of insight on each series).

His hugely complex body of work is studied very closely by Leeman, the author. And serves as a document of the chronological progression of Twombly’s work as a painter, draftsman, and writer.

Not only would this book make a great edition to any book shelf or coffee table, it is a great read too- but a VERY lengthy one!

It is currently one of my most prized possessions. If you are a fan of Twombly’s work, this is a must own monograph!

And if you have some cash to burn, you can pick up a signed copy (only one available) for about $650!

Note: At the time that I wrote this post I was only able to find two places that had one- two copies each for sale, and that is considered a lot based on when I was researching the book a while back.


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It looks great, I’m a fan of him! But I still have my doubts if I should take this book or cycles and seasons. The last one is less expensive, but maybe is your book better. What do you think?


Wow, I’ve been inspired just by these photos you’ve taken! What a wonderful thing for your mom to do, they’re so awesome like that!

Brittany Noel

they look beautiful, i’m going to have a little google 🙂


I’m so jealous! : )
I had a great experience a couple of years ago going to a museum with a friend that gave me a in-depth tour of Twombly’s work. I’ve been a fan ever since!

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