Mini City


Shelf City from Weeds and Wild Things

If you know me personally, you know that I use the word city to describe things when there is a lot of something. Example: A pile of books from the floor to the ceiling would be “book city”, or the table at Thanksgiving dinner might be called “Food City”. I am not saying it makes sense, but its just something immature that I do. 


Anyway, over the weekend I was browsing Etsy, as usual, and I found the above work: a made to order miniature clay city. The actual name of the work is Shelf City No. 2 because it was intended to be displayed on a shelf or bookcase. It’s made by Weeds and Wild Things. Check it out.

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Teehee, reminds me of Stationery Town on the Mighty Boosh. So cute!!

Ms Unreliable

The miniature city is beautiful on its own, and then the photography? Stunning!


sweet mary. i am 100% in love with these. not only do I love these as is, but they’ve inspired a few “little” ideas of my own. God bless Sculpey.


miniatures are always so intriguing… and these are especially fresh and sweet…. love.


these houses are adorable. i wonder how tall they are?

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