Modern Quilts from Comma Workshop

You may remember, I wrote about Kerry Larkin’s work on Scoutie Girl a few weeks back when I talked about art vs craft. And I just have to mention her again because Kerry’s shop, Comma Workshop, features these A-MAZING modern quilts with whimsical stories and quotes stitched to the surface. Read more about the process here.

Kerry’s story (the condensed version) resonates with me… She comes from a family of quilt-makers, seamstresses, and upholsterers.¬†And now she is carrying the tradition on, with her modern take and fresh perspective.

Visit Comma Workshop to view more of Karrie’s work.

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Confess I don’t reaaly like quilts in the way they usually appear at shops and blogs, most of yhe times with tringle and squares of fabric… But this ones are amazing. As I said in a previous post, very familiar with the texts. Even though the technique might be the same (i’ve never explored it), I think people can expand views and mix different concepts!!

Love this work ***

Carolina Bernardo

I absolutely love quilts Carolina. My grandma is a quilter, so I guess that’s why I love them so much. I do agree with you though-these quilts are amazing. Kerry is very talented.


These are gorgeous! I love the different take on quilting.


these are amazing…anything that involves thread and words = absolute love!


soooo rad. both of my grandmas are quilters.. i wish they had quilted some stories into the quilts in my collection!!!

Bethany Susan
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