Modern Quilts

Bedeviled Art Quilt from Modern Quilts and Brown Blurt Art Quilt from Modern Quilts 

When I was a little girl, I use to sit at my grandmother’s kitchen table and watch her sewing away. She would make quilts for me and my brother for different occasions, and at the time they were under-appreciated. But now as an adult, I realize and appreciate the great detail and love that went into making those quilts. I guess you could say I now have a special place in my heart for quilting.

So when I found this shop, I was blown away. The Modern Quilts shop puts a modern spin on an tried and true craft, and truly makes quilting an art form. 

Absurdite (Absurdity) from Modern Quilts

Regina, the woman behind Modern Quilts learned how to sew as a child from her mother, and no doubt inherited some of her natural talent from her grandmother, who was a seamstress. All of the quilts in her shop are unique, but my favorite has got to be this guy!

Detail images from Pink Brown Melody from Modern Quilts

To view more from the Modern Quilts shop, click here.

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My pleasure Artisania. By the way, I love your quilted Mister Gnome!


Thanks for this! I love seeing “off the wall” (er…on the wall?) pieces. Great, what a lot of fun!

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