Modern + Simple: Hand Knotted Jewelry by Osage Orange Studio

Heres a little pick me up for your Monday break time. Featuring hand knotted jewelry, with colorful and clean lines, Osage Orange Studio has necklaces + bracelets that are just the right amount of fancy to get you through the week.  I love what Linda, the designer behind the line, has to say about her designs, “My goal is to achieve a beautiful color combination with the materials I use. I’ve always loved playing with color and working with the subtleties between different shades. My jewelry is influenced by my background in design and tends to be simple and minimal with a sense of order.” And something else simple just for you: Enjoy free shipping when you enter code papernstitch!

Scour the selection at Osage Orange Studio on Etsy.

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beautiful! Especially like the turquoise necklace on the orange thread!

Cathy Pascual
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