Monday Vintage Finds

Over the weekend, I started organizing my office and realized I desperately need to decorate.

For some reason my studio is the only room of our apartment that we haven’t really done anything to. We did hang a couple of posters, but that hardly counts.

So I am thinking about what I want the room to be…I am picturing another art cluster (similar to the one I did in our old house) and a big shelf to house some of my favorite little trinkets. Which, of couse, led me to start looking for more little treasures to put in this (still un-purchased) trinket shelf. What is wrong with me?

So anyway, that leads me to today’s shop of the day: Jolly Time One, a vintage shop full of bit and bobbins for the home. Love these horseshoes. Totally want ’em – and can picture them on my imaginary trinket shelf right now.

Visiting Sandy’s shop is kind of like walking into an antique shop meets online thrift store, with more than 300 items ranging from quirky odds and ends to functional storage to craft supplies. A little bit of everything.

You’ll just have to see for yourself.

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