Monday’s Paper Inspiration

It’s not very often that my to-do list is completely cleared when the weekend rolls in, but this weekend the weather was so, so nice and everything was already crossed off my list of to-dos. So Jeff and I took Luna to the dog park and did a lot of walking around (soaking up the sun).

Now that it’s Monday again, my list is piling back up, but that’s fine by me.

I actually like planning out my week, and I am kind of a paper freak, so notes and to-do lists get me excited.

Which leads me to you… I am hoping you share my affinity for paper because I have a little Monday inspiration to share this morning, thanks to Miki.o Stationery and Paper Goods.

Modern, colourful, classic and funky DIY printable wedding invitations, save the date cards, personalized labels…notepads and lovely paper goods.

Notepads for organizing…

And really cool wedding invites

Visit Miki.o Stationery and Paper Goods on Etsy now for more paper inspiration. 

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did you see us on paper n stitch?

Bianca van Meeuwen (@hollabee_bianca)

I love that too Sassy. Wedding invites have come a long way over the years! That’s for sure! Thanks for stopping by.


I really like those. I love have wedding invitations are no longer stuffy. I love how fresh and playful some have become. My sister created a stamp that we used on everything.

Seriously Sassy Mama
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