More DIY Home Projects with Tali Schiffer

Last week, we had the pleasure of peeking into photographer, Tali Schiffer‘s home, and learned how to easily hang an art wall. And this week, I am excited to be sharing three more wonderful home diy projects from Tali. So, let’s just dive right in…

A cozy woodland-inspired bedroom: Above. This is probably my favorite project from their home makeover. And only took a day to complete. Tali and her man created an accent wall in their bedroom, using a can of paint and some wall decals from Etsy. This is a really affordable alternative to wallpaper, and has similar results in terms of impact. Perfect for a bedroom. Love that dark grey color. Read more about this project here.

Seeing Stripes: Okay, seriously this is so simple to do and adds a lot of personality to the dining area. Tali scored a vintage table that was the ideal size for their small kitchen quarters and had the top refinished . Originally, the top of the table was a wood finish, so the couple had it custom covered with light blue Formica and a white stripe on the top.

But after they actually got the table into the space, they felt it looked a little odd, and they needed a visual cue that would help divide the kitchen and the living-room. So what did they do? Inspired by the stripe on their newly purchased table, they decided to carry that stripe on to the wall and ceiling to bring everything together. What a great idea! Read more about this project here.

Installing a new light fixture: And last but not least, we have a before and after: light fixture edition. The before is that top image. As you can see, the old light fixture was well, lacking a little something. The new replacement has great, simple lines, and although according to Tali it was a bit of pain to install, I think the end result was definitely worth the labor. Read more about this project here.

Thanks again for sharing your home with us Tali! Please visit Tali at the following links:

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I love Tali!!! Love the woodland bedroom. We are actually doing something similar in our living room! 🙂 xo

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

Tali is soo talented! Love the DIY ideas! Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!


OK! That bedroom with the feature wall is my ideal wall! I want it. Love the colour and the whimsical trees. It’s perfect.


Thanks for this Brittni, it turned out perfect (again!)
Have a great weekend. xo

Tali Schiffer

Aw, glad you like it Tali.

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