More Product Photos Help

If you have been keeping up this last month with Brenda’s craft venture posts here on the blog, you know that the focus has been on how to take better product photographs.

And as luck would have it, I just learned of a fabulous collaboration between Tara Lutman Agacayak and Diana Brennan for a basic product photography course that would be helpful for anyone needing some extra help. The two met in Holly Beckers (Decor8) Blogging Your Way e-course last year and have been planning this project for almost a year.

Diana, of D.S. Brennan Photography is a skilled photographer (some product photos above). And Tara is hosting the course via her site, Intarsia Concept.

I am certain this course is going to be a valuable resource. The class is eight weeks and is designed to teach people basic photo skills that they can use to take professional-looking photographs to bring more attention to their products and help in their online or print sales.

The course will begin on Monday, February 22nd and registration has already begun. For more info on course fees and a more detailed description, click here.

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