My 6 Essentials on Camille Styles

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Ever lay awake at night thinking, “Oh man, oh man! If I only knew what Brittni’s style essentials were, I could rest easy!”?

Well then, you are in luck my friend – because I just rounded up my top six essentials over on Camille Styles for her “My Essentials” column. Not surprisingly, Luna and cupcakes are high on my list. But I also have a couple surprises in there, and I wrote a few words about why I just can’t live without each of these wonderful things too. So, you’ll want to head over to Camille’s site to get the whole scoop.

Side Note: I actually had a few more essentials that didn’t make the cut. But I still want to share ’em. So here’s four extra must-haves (for me) that I absolutely adore.

Extra essentials…

1. I love the small hello sign I bought for my office from William Dohman.

2. Right now, I am addicted to Pinterest. So, I would say it’s definitely one of my favorite sites. *If you like Pinterest too, you can check out my pinterest boards here.

3. Since I sit in front of a computer all day, sometimes it just feels good to write my thoughts down on paper. So, I am never without a notebook and a pen. I recommend these notebooks if you’re looking for some options. They are really all I use.

4. And of course…There’s a local shop here in Jacksonville that my friend Shaan owns that I just adore. It’s called Nest Living. Jeff and I pick up a lot of things for our home from him.

See six more of my essentials on Camille Styles now.

Thanks so much Camille for asking me to do this!

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Thanks Mai. Yes, I love Pinterest (who doesn’t right)? What’s your pinboard url? I’d love to check it out.


It’s fun to see what specific things people are into. Thanks for sharing a few “extras” Brittni! I agree with the need to have a great journal to write in; typing all day can be wearisome. And Pinterest…!! What a fun place. I’ll have to check out your boards. 😀


Every blogger should do an “essentials” post, it’s fun to see what people use behind the scenes. I appreciate the notepad suggestions as a fellow prolific note-taker. Which one from Behance do you recommend the most?

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