My Business Partners…

This is the cuteness I am dealing with today. Crazy cat with attitude. And a pup who couldn’t be bothered to look at the camera. I love them.

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Those two get along more than the both of my two fur babies.. cuteness overload.

girl japan

Oh my goodness. Your kitty is so adorable Pilli! Thanks for sharing!


Very cute assistants!
Good help is so hard to come by these days…

And here is my Maia (while off on a break…):

pilli pilli

pilli pilli


annamaria potamiti

Thank you Meredith. Yes, she is part bull dog / pit bull.


I love them!!! Is your dog a pit bull?


Aw, thanks Sasha. An 80 year old professor sounds like an interesting co-worker to have. For sure. The benefit of my work buddies is that they can’t back talk me. 🙂 Thanks Rachel.


so so cute


What I would give to have business partners like yours … Instead I work with an 80+ year-old, retired molecular biology professor – Needless to say it is interesting, but definitely not as enjoyable 🙂


It seems there is always at least one of each at any workplace, huh Michele? 🙂


they remind me of some people at my former work. the scowler and the sleeper. but much cuter, obviously.


Thanks Brenda. 🙂


LOVE them – so so cute!!! 🙂


Aw! Love your cat too Ali and Dolan! Thanks for sharing the link!


We’ll never grow tired of cute pet pics! Here’s our studio kitty-> Thanks for sharing!

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Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Thank you Brancoprata.


OMG, how cute is this!!! They are adorable!!

Brancoprata Brancoprata
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