My Newest Top Secret Project

I am getting pretty good at keeping secrets about new projects these days. And my newest little nugget is almost ready to share. I’ve been working on it for the last few weeks, and I think you’re really going to like it! I can’t wait to share more details. But for today, the only hint I have is the picture above.

Let’s make things interesting… Anyone who guesses correctly as to what my newest project is will get a special prize mailed to them. (I’ll email anyone with a correct guess to get their mailing address) Make your guess in the comments…

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My guess is a book. Some sort of DIY or craft, or even a cool e-book of tutorials. Some sort of book 🙂

Unless it’s a Christmas-time baby announcement, in which case, wow, what a secret!!


Are you putting together a collection of festive .png files for us lovely readers to download and use??


are you making super amazing gift tags for the holidays?


Christmas tree gift tags/book marks/paper decorations with button ornaments?

Noam B

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Ooooh, the mystery!! Way to get us guessing, Brittni. 😉 Mayi has the same guess that I had!–I’m thinking perhaps you’re going to start a super-cute packing supplies and paper goods shop, or you’re going to release a collection of DIY tutorials just in time for the holidays! Now we can’t wait to find out! 😀


it might be too late for this one, but: an advent calendar?


A Christmas Tree made entirely of buttons and ribbon?!?

Shelley Weeks

A Christmas Tree card holder??


Hmm..i am thinking your Christmas cards!

Jessica Peppel

or I got even better guess:) You have been sewing and sticking and preparing christmas tree made from buttons and tapes…


my guess is that you gonna open a super special button shop in a christmas timeee and you gonna note this message and stick it with super nice tape in any possible place you know, am I right? 😀


Maybe this is a fabric gift bag in which you are going to sew on the buttons…but the tape…hmmm. Or maybe the buttons are part of a holiday tree advent calendar…but it might be too late now for that. A couple weeks…hmm…I’m not convinced I have it yet.


Definitely looks like button ornaments on the tree… but you noted for many weeks… so many an online magazine of goodness?


Removable wall art of a tree using washi tape & buttons for ornaments?

Seattle Linda

you are opening a paper + supplies shop….

no noooooo… you are putting together a DIY holiday magazine that’s ridiculously awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

damn it… i don’t knowwwww. curiousity is killing me!

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

All good guesses! But remember, I’ve been working on it for weeks, so its probably bigger than an ornament or gift tags. The hint is not as literal as it may seem. That’s all I will say. 🙂 This is fun!


I think the buttons are definitely ornaments on the tree. Maybe you are making gift tags or Christmas cards? Whatever it is, it looks cute:)


christmas present tags of some kind 🙂

laura Evans

A tree made out of ribbon with button ornaments? 🙂

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