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I am so excited to bring you this giveaway! It is going to be so much fun…we have teamed up with Scarlet Fig for a fabric giveaway called Name That Fabric. Scarlet Fig, an awesome textile shop with original designs by  Laurie Wisbrun, has some brand new fabric designs and would love your ideas on what to name these two new fabrics: one and two. That’s where the giveaway comes in…Leave a comment here with your name suggestion (you may leave a name suggestion for each of the two fabrics- for a total of two entries). The winner can choose any two fat quarters from Scarlet Figs etsy shop (and she has a lot of great fabric choices). Laurie will choose the winner on 6/18 based on which name fits the best for Scarlet Fig. Giveaway will run from Monday 6/8 to Tues 6/17.


Full Details:

 1. Visit to see the two fabrics that need names (each design is original and created by Laurie Wisbrun):



Birdies on Couches:

2. Leave a comment here with your name suggestion (you may leave a name suggestion for each of the two fabrics- for a total of two entries).

3. The winner can choose any two fat quarters from Scarlet Figs etsy shop. Laurie will choose the winner on 6/18 based on which name fits the best for Scarlet Fig. Winners will be announced on here and on Scarlet Fig.

Giveaway will run from Monday 6/8 to Tues 6/17.

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This fabric is amazing! I think hmmm

Birds on couches: The Warbler’s Love-Seat

Elephant: Elephant Soiree

Thanks for the opportunity!

The Dingbat (Adrienne)

“trellis trunks”


“robin’s bench”


elephants:: journey
birds on couch:: afternoon visiting??

this is a great idea for a giveaway!! i love it, thank you.

kendall micayla

Pachyderm Parade
Avian Therapy

Martha Chang

in keeping with the animal sherbet line name, for the elephants i propose:
“raspberry-orange elephants”


and for the birds:
“birds-eye view”


Gorgeous fabric! I have been admiring it for quite some time!

Bird & Couch: Sparrow’s Soft Spot
Elephants: Pachyderm Parade

What can I say, I love alliteration!

Fingers crossed,


I’m a big fan of Scarlet Fig, and especially the new animal sherbet!

I’d keep it simple with:
Elephant Orange
Birdie’s Spot


Punchy Pacaderms


Tweet Un Canapé


Elephants on Parade

Parlor Birds


I must admit I like MJB’s…
Elephant one: Trompe de Phant


Elephant: Patchwork Pachyderms

Birdies on Sofa: Couchy Canaries



How about “Packy Promenade” and “Sofa, So Good”


This is fun indeed, I love this giveaway!

OK, 1st one (elephants): Incredible India


Ya’ll are bringing such a huge smile to my face. Thank you for the support and super fun names!

Laurie | Scarlet Fig

2nd one (bird+couch): Almost nest


Elephants- Never Forget (because elephants never do and how could anyone forget this lovely fabric!)
Birds- Gets the Couch (as in the early bird gets the worm but in this case he gets the couch)
I’m in love with both… 🙂


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Living Cozy | Name That Fabric - Aside

Birds on couches: Tweet Seat


Elephants: Trunk Show


And by the way I love all of the Scarlet Fig’s fabrics. Fabulous!


1 – Patchwork Pachyderm

2 – Crows on the Credenza


OMGosh, Doris and I had the same thought…


1. Eli-Fantasy
2. Tweet Chester(field)


how about “perched” for the birds?


Seeing Elephants – reminds me of the scene in Dumbo when they get liquored up and see colored and patterned elephants everywhere.

Le Parlour Perch or Parlour Perch – sofa reminds me of a Queen Anne style you’d find in a Victorian parlor.


1. Argyle Elephant

2. Lazy Sparrow

miss lila

1. Elephants: “Elephant Pop”


Elephants: “Elephants on Parade”
Birds on couch: “Potato birdies”

thanks for the chance! Adorable fabrics, love the shop too!! XOXO 🙂


2. Bird on Couch:”Love-Seat Lovey”


Fat quarters with elephants? Elefats of course!



Bird on couch – Twitterosity



elephants: pacaderm parade OR delirium delight
bird on couch: dear davenperch


Great fabrics!! My ideas are:

1.Are You my Mother?(elephant)
2.Chester’s Field (bird on couch or chesterfield! this is my FAV!)

Susan Mulder

elephants- Trunks at the Taj
birds- Grannies Parlor


What about “Patterned Parade” for the elephants, and “Cozy Perch” for the birds on couches?
I do love your fabrics. They are so creative!


1. How about Heffalump Sorbet. (Heffalumps are from Winnie the pooh and Christopher Robin)

2. Blue sofas of happiness


1: kaleidoscope parade (parade or herd works for a collective of elephants, i believe)

2: What a nest!
Lovely fabrics! So vibrant and fun!


Treasured Trunks -(elephants)

Tufted Tweets-(birds on sofas)

I must be on a ‘T’ kick!

Jenna Z

For the birds: Pop Parlor
For the elephants: Safari Sorbet
I really like the name already suggested for the bird fabric, avian therapy


Circus Elephants


Teal Cockateals


1. trunk traffic
2. tweet living

your original fabric is vibrant and full of life! thank you for the fun name challenge!


Love them both!
elephants – Sahara Sunset
bird – Bird Therapy or A Little Bird told me

Just love the yellow.

Jacqui from Mee a Bee

OK… I’d say “Indian summer” for the elephants and “On the field” for the birds on couches…


Birds on couches: Blackbird fly

Elephant: Gentle Giant Jam

Holly Williamson

I love a fabric giveaway!
Elephants: Elephants All in a Row (a la pretty maids all in a row)
Birdies on Couches: Here Little Bird, Come Sit on My Couch…


such pretty fabric!

elephant: walk with the giants

helen x

gosh what fun.. I am doing most of my little place in Yellow
1. Fig’s Pachyderm’s
2. Figgy’s 4 the Birds
great fun..

violet lewis

What wonderful fabrics and great names!

How about:
Elephants-Lona, meaning “beautiful, pretty” in the language of their native homeland, India.


For the first one, I like “Pachyderms on Parade”
For the second fabric, how about “Empty Nesters” (The couches look lonely without people, and clearly if the bird is on the sofa, the nest is empty!


Oops- realized the idea of a Pachyderm parade was already suggested. How about “Perplexed Pacvhyderm”- (that little guy looks like he might be lost!)


Marula Majik for the ellies and Little Bird Blu’ for the sofa fabric


An Elephant is Faithful, 100%

Dottie’s Perch for the birds on couches


Because I love the elephants SO much, I’m tossing out a couple.

-Tembo (or something with Tembo…)- means elephant in Swahili

-Masinde (an east African surname, but somehow it reminds me of the fabric!)

(My birthday is the 17th so I’m holding out that you LOVE my names, haha!)



for the elephants, i suggest ‘sunset pachyderms’

[LOVE this color scheme, it’s my current favourite!!]

lesley [smidgebox designs]

for the birdies on couches, i suggest ‘high tea, teal birds’

lesley [smidgebox designs]
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