Nate Duval

I came across Nate Duval’s work a while back and have been meaning to post something about him. And then I saw this post on Oh Joy and it reminded me. By the way, as you can see from the above image, Duval has a slick (that’s right I said slick) website.

1. The Heart of a City by Nate Duval 2. Business Cat by Nate Duval

Nate’s palette is what initially drew me into his work. I love how his colors have a bold but natural vibe. After perusing his shop, I became more and more fond of his Gig Posters. Here are a few:

3. Mountain Goats Poster by Nate Duval 4. Explosions in the Sky Poster by Nate Duval

You can purchase Nate Duval’s prints, posters, and t-shirts on his personal website or his Etsy shop.

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Lovely illustrations. Im going to check him out on Etsy.
Hello there! just saw you on Dawanda. Just wanted to say hi.


I agree Frantic (about Nate Duval I mean).


Nice blog! I love Nate’s work, too.

The Frantic Meerkat
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