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welcome susannah conway

Run Wild and Flying High


Today, I am pleased to announce our newest contributor, photographer Susannah Conway. Susannah’s photographs are stunning. The vintage/ antique quality of her work makes me swoon. And her new column, Super 16, will do the same for you. I promise. Susannah’s column will be a curated montage of Flickr finds based around a different theme each week. Her first post will be up later today, so stay tuned! 


A little more about Susannah.. She lives in the UK, runs the photo shop, Unraveling, and this blog, while maintaining this website and running this e-course. Woah! If you have a minute, make sure to read Susannah’s touching story on how she started her blog, Ink on my Fingers, three years ago, and rekindled her love for photography.

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Cheers for the useful post – I had fun reading it! I always enjoy this blog. 🙂

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