New Look and New URL

psredesign1I am so excited to be able to launch the new blog today! For those that don’t know, the papernstitch blog has been running here  ( for the last six months. In that time, we have launched our exhibition site and now we have completed the re-design for the blog and even got a new url.


From now on, all blog posts will be on this site ( and I will keep the old blog ( up for archive purposes- at least for now. There were many reasons why we decided to change the look of the blog. I don’t want to bore you with all of them, so I will just mention a few…


I was looking for something that was a bit more exciting to look at, but had clean lines and was professional. So, of course I recruited Jeff to help me out, and he did such an amazing job! (Thank you Jeff.) Also, both of us decided a while back we should eventually  make the exhibition site and the blog more cohesive. And now that the exhibition site has been running for a while, we were both finally able to concentrate on the blog. This is certainly still a work in progress and I am sure that there will be little changes here and there, but for the most part this is the new look. I would love to know what you think- comments/ feedback would be greatly appreciated!


One last thing- we were able to transfer over ALL the old posts from the other blog (yippee), and the comments came along with them (yippee again). Unfortunately for some reason, it does not display the number of comments on the old posts. So when you look from the homepage, it may seem that an old post doesn’t have any comments, but when you click the No Comment button, you can actually read all the comments that are there!? Not sure what happened there, but I figured it was pretty minor.


**If you would be so kind to change your links to the papernstitch blog to the new blog url, I would greatly appreciate it.

***If you are already a subscriber, you shouldn’t have to change anything. However if for some reason, you are not receiving your updates (I have 4 scheduled for today- so those posts should be in your reader by the end of the day), then you will want to re-subscribe here.

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so fresh! fresh! fresh! we love it guys, fab job both of you! it is wonderfully aesthetic and functional… and the imagery really leaps off the page. even more inviting! :~)


looks really great! it makes perfect sense to give it the same brand/aesthetic as the exhibition site. love the fresh ‘neutral’ colours and clean look, and the easy-to-see date. great work 🙂


It looks fabulous! I’m impressed — and glad that I can still read it from my blogger blog subscription list reader thing.



Lookin good! 🙂


Brittni and Jeff,
Looks wonderful! Happy New Year 🙂


the “new” site looks so fantastic! congratulations! it’s so fresh and easy to navigate! great work. *sarah


I think it’s really cool. It matches the exhibit site wonderfully. Great job!


Aw. Thanks so much everyone. I appreciate the kind words.


Love the new look 🙂 Excellent color combo!

Studio Rose Flash

Clean, simple and modern. Great work, Brittni…and Jeff!


Your dedication to a good-looking, simple yet functional site doesn’t go unnoticed. (After all it is the content of the blog / exhibitions that are truly supposed to be getting the attention, right?) Great job!

rachel best

This looks beautiful! Fresh and modern. Nice work!

Cicada Studio

Looking great as always!

Travis Schmeisser

The site looks very nice. You and Jeff have done a great job.

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