New Look for papernstitch

new look for papernstitch

I cannot even begin to come up with words for how excited I am about the new version of papernstitch, which just launched TODAY, along with the newest exhibition. We have added new features, including daily favorites, which you can see above, as well as a search bar to make shopping easier, and of course the new look. What do you think? We would love to get some feedback.

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Absolutely beautiful! I love it, Brittni!

vicki (simply hue)

Brittni, the new site is utterly beautiful, very well done! Huuuge grats!


looks FANTASTIC lovely!
fresh and prettty and I like all the nice alignment 🙂

Renee x

renee anne

i love it!


omg! so awesome!


It is fresh, user friendly and a pleasure to visit – congratulations!


Thank you so, so much everyone! Jeff and I worked so hard on everything (especially Jeff) and I am over the moon that people are responding this way.


I was just looking at it and thinking it looked great, but had no idea it was so new! 🙂 Congrats!

tricia mckellar



It looks so good!!! I love clean design!


love it! fresh, clean + beautiful.

lesley [smidgebox designs]

OMG .. I think it is gorgeous, awesome and really clear, chic and .. stylish.

wonderful work.

sabine, la marquise des anges

love it. larger images = happy images. great job!


thanks again for the kind words everyone. it is always a little nerve racking when you change something- you never know how people will react. but this is more than i could have hoped for.

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