New Look for the Blog

You may have noticed that the papernstitch blog looks a bit different today. I’ve been keeping the change a secret, but I can finally share that we’ve been working on some updates not only for the blog, but the exhibition site as well.

Over the weekend, Jeff and I simplified the look of the blog and headed towards a more minimal design. There are still some things to be added, and moved around. But for now, this is the new look. Hope you like it.

I’ve also been updating our facebook fan page. Finally! If you like the blog and/or the site, I would love for you to click the “like” button located on the top lefthand side column (just a couple of paragraphs underneath my picture) and join us on Facebook.

And as for additions to the site, because we’re so obsessed with Facebook right now, you can now comment on any papernstitch product with your Facebook account. Just scroll down to the bottom of the product page, and you’ll see the box to enter your comment. Or press the “like” button and you’ll have the option to add a comment as well. No need to login to papernstitch. We’re pretty excited about this. And the hope is that the easy access will encourage more comments and a larger sense of community. When you have some time, head on over to the site and try it out.

We’ll be rolling out more updates over the next month and half.

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I love the new look! I’m a white background gal myself so I may have slightly squealed aloud when I saw how beautiful all the images look against the white background! Bravo! 🙂


It looks great. Isn’t it fun to evolve and get comfortable in your space? Whether virtual or at home, this act of nesting is such a freeing feeling!

Jenni Horne

The site looks beautiful! It’s amazing how a few changes can make such an impact. Awesome job!

Anne M.

LOVE the new look! Great job!


i love clean and minimal. i try to do the same with my blog – it isn’t always easy 🙂

alexandra keller

loveeeeeeeee it! i also went white with my blog when i had to design it (although it was tempting to use color). i think the content + images explode off the screen with white backgrounds! fantastic new tweak!!

Mayi Carles @ Heartmade

Thanks Fee and Kelly. And also, Kelly- I love the identity for Stitch that you posted about today on your blog. I found that (somewhere?) over the weekend and was telling my husband how much I loved it.


Looks awesome! 🙂

Kelly | Glamour This

I love the new look Brittni! Minimal design is the way to go!


Aw, thank you KAV, Kellie, and Vadutka. I am really glad you all like it. Its taking me a little while to get use to, but I love the white.


the new design looks beautiful Brittni!


Looks wonderful! I’m a sucker for white space. 🙂


Looks great! Love the new blog design! So beautiful!

KAV designs

Thank you Ilene, Laura, and Pilli. And Pilli, I completely agree with you. The exhibition still looks the same, we just added a couple of those small things I mentioned. And new features will be rolling out soon. No redesign there though. We are really happy with the look.



I also ‘went white’ on my blog a couple of months ago, and must say there’s nothing like a bit of minimal to make all those great pictures just LEAP off the page!

Now I’m curious, of course, to see what’s going to happen to those Exhibit Pages… or has it already happened? (must go check now…)

& Have a lovely (and inspired) week!
pilli pilli

pilli pilli

Looks great ~ awesome job!

laura trevey

i LOVE it! it looks great, girl!!

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