New Video: the 5 secrets to productivity (work from home edition)

Life is filled with distractions.

And for that exact reason, time management is something that everyone struggles with at one point or another – whether you have a traditional 9-5 or you work from home.

But the thing about working from home that makes things more difficult than going into an office every morning is that many of those distractions become more apparent.

You live where you work, so there is a lot less separation. The dishes need to be done, the laundry is piling up, and your dog is practically begging you to take her to the dog park.

AND you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, so accountability¬†practically¬†flies out the window. Uh-oh!

So you are going to need a game plan for combating those constant disturbances, so you can stay productive (and motivated) while working from home.

I am going to give you that game plan in this five minute video.

If you are currently struggling to stay on top of it all, take a few minutes to watch this video, and then let me know in the comments below which of these 5 tips was the most helpful for you.

Have your own time management tricks? Great! You can leave your response in the comments below too.

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Hi Cece. Good question! I am not a mom myself, so this is kind of a difficult one for me to answer. But the suggestion that comes to mind first would be finding a family member who you can help out for a couple of hours a week (at least) for free, if hiring a babysitter is not an option.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to set some boundaries (even with your kids) to let them know that when you are working it is quiet time. Maybe you could make a game of it – whoever stays quietest the longest gets a little reward, like a sticker or a cookie, etc.



I’m a writer; earlier this spring when trying to finish up a first draft, I used an online timer but there are others online you could search for. I used this whenever I needed to push myself thru a scene; so I’d set for 5 mins or 15, whichever I felt would get me “there”. I got a lot done.
Now that I’m also starting a crafting business I see how this could be beneficial.

My biggest issue currently (with getting work done on my writing and crafting projects) is kids at home for the summer. I wish we could afford to send them to a day camp!!! [but i feel guilty even saying that!] How do you work with kids around? Mine are pretty young and inqusitive, so sitting them in front of TV won’t work, they’ll just follow me around or sit near and ask tons of questions. Sending them outside doesn’t work since we don’t have a fenced yard and have neighbors that let dogs run loose. HELP!


Some day I’ll be working from home, & I’m worried about all the time sucks I’ll find. Hoping these tips will help out.

(@apockylypse) (@apockylypse)

Productivity and getting things DONE:

(@TheNewNewNY) (@TheNewNewNY)

get dressed! sometimes it can be so easy to just stay in my sweats with messy hair, but it leaves me feeling drab and sad later in the day. i want to feel professional and not be embarrassed when someone stops by my house (hello, mr. mailman!).

this has been one of the hardest things for me, but also the most beneficial. get ready for the day and feel refreshed and productive!

bonnie christine

You’re right about making a working schedule for the rest to know when you’re working. but… i found out that the first rule for me was to keep me on it.
I have a very low energy level by my bad health so i have noticed that i always give my good working hours to others-S
so i need to take it more seriously.LOL
and… i need to set an alarm clock because i always forget the time.
and… i need often to make a special working atmosphere to work better as well a radio to listen to the discussions.
that’s working for me, and… my materials must stay the whole time on the same place, i’m still not on order in my new home, and living like a camping girl between my boxes-S so every move is again stress by not finding the materials anymore.
those are my main rules to work better.
to go out is working as well for me.;-D
thank you for sharing your great advices;-D
hey have a great easter time;-D

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