New Year, New Cards: Faye & Co.

Just when I think gift giving is done, January is right around the corner. With that comes a boatload of birthdays (7 in total!) and it is tough to keep them all straight. With the help of Faye & Co., I can cross some things off my list. Like whos gift goes to whom, with these hand-lettered gift tags. Pair that with some custom stationery to say “Happy Birthday!” and Im all set. And to help you start January on the right foot, Faye & Co. is offering free Shipping with the code allcomefree.

Check out the unique designs at Faye & Co.


This post was written by Rachel Anne: She is a 20-something wife and mother of one, who enjoys making things for her embroidery and tiny handmade goodies shop called, Goose and Trisser. You can visit Rachel Anne on her blog here.

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