Not Afraid of Color

I saw so many cute girls at Alt this year wearing just simple jeans and a t-shirt with awesome (colorful) accessories, and (of course) they looked amazing. I’m not one to shy away from color, but I usually wear bright skirts and dresses and then tone down the accessories. So I have lots of gold and silver. But sometimes I feel a bit overdressed for a skirt or dress + just want to break out my oh-so-comfy t-shirts.

So right after I got home on Saturday night, I jumped on the computer and started looking for brightly colored necklaces to change things up + make my black t-shirts a little more stylish. Which is what brought me to Simply A Circle. All the earrings and necklaces in Chrysa’s collection have vibrant colors and a flirty combination of textures with the crochet elements. Super fun! What do you think?

 Curious to know…Are you a jeans + a t-shirt kind of gal?

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I like to wear jeans, it is very good and comfortable. Silver is much better than gold, more elegant to use with jeans.

Katipsoi Zunontee

I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, but now I’m totally into dresses and skirts. But I’m still pairing them with my Converse sneakers 🙂 Loved the jewelry. Love etsy! So much talent and hidden treasures there.


I love colours, I love chunky jewellery, so I love this post! ² – Lol =D


yes i think i am a jeans + t-shirt kind of girl too! & i like to play with colorful accessories, like brooches or earrings e.t.c. 🙂 lovely shop too!


I love colours, I love chunky jewellery, so I love this post! 🙂

Feast for the Eyes

These colors are so beautiful! I am totally a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl. I will go one farther and say I am a jeans and ink spattered t-shirt girl. It is hard to find a piece of clothing in my wardrobe that doesnt have ink or paint on it!

Keeping It Indie

You can have lots of fun with slinky chains or leather laces put through funky beads or shells or gorgeous glass beads and textured metal spacers. Even an heirloom chain can be changed up every day!


I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, just some earrings and thumb rings. I do like to wear nice jewelry when I go out with friends or my boyfriend. I love the pink and purple necklace from Simply a Circle.


simply a circle’s texture and color combo is fantastic.
i also love the booandboo factory shop’s neon fringe earrings!

kim Baise

hey donavillle! thanks for the link. love the neons. hadn’t seen this shop before. 🙂


I recently came across this shop on etsy that sells a ton of neon jewelry that might be right up your alley: // not sure if you’ve seen them before or have profiled them, but they are really making me like neon colors a lot more.

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