Noteworthy Neon

I’m diving into neon this morning with 7 noteworthy handmade (and vintage) pieces from around the web. Enjoy!

1.  Vintage Yellow Mod Lamp from Earth Sea Warrior

2. Gold Square Neon Cord Necklace by Cyclical industry

3. Kiss My Neon Poster by RK DESIGN

4. Riso Print Triangle Notepad by Nancy Straughan

5. Beige and Coral Red Stockings by ZIBtextile

6. Neon Pink Mixed Bead Necklace by A Merry Mishap

7. Yellow Fade Vessel by Up in the Air Somewhere

For even more neon, check out this brand new gift guide from the exhibition site: summer neon.

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Love it!


Thank you for this beautiful include!!

Gonna go share it now *))




I just checked out the ZIBtextile site right now. Wow! I love them! The colors, styles, and designs are all so great! I guess that really neat angular/squiggly design must be kind of a trademark pattern for them. Cool stuff. Have a good day.

Preemie Maboroshi

What fun! Love these;)

annamaria potamiti

Wow love neon, it makes my Day! Thanks for the bursting colour inspiration


Hey Preemie. Aren’t those tights cool?! ZIBtextile has a great shop.


Wow — those beige and coral red stockings are must haves! I love the squiggly design at the knees. And that yellow fade vessel is awesome, too.

Preemie Maboroshi
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