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Shop of the Day: I am L-O-V-I-N-G Nouss Nouss. The way that Alice’s brain works is incredible…her handmade accessories are artistic  and unusual, yet practical. Noussnouss, the website, is a small and independent webspace/shop that showcases Alice’s bags,  scarves, and sometimes quilts.

Visit Nouss Nouss the website and etsy shop for more…

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I think I am in love with all of these but most especially the first bag. What beautiful work!


i love this shop! i just saw it yesterday and fell hard 🙂

lesley [smidgebox designs]

Very cool pieces. I love the pleating work.


I love the first bag too! So pretty and almost romantic.


Me too Shanon.


Thank you for always letting us know of such beautiful work. I’m in love with that bag too!


Brittni, such a great pick! I LOVE that first bag too – wow! 🙂

Ink & Button

Immediately faved! Thanks for sharing.

Judith ~ Felicity Crew
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