Nouss Nouss


Shop of the Day: I am L-O-V-I-N-G Nouss Nouss. The way that Alice’s brain works is incredible…her handmade accessories are artistic  and unusual, yet practical. Noussnouss, the website, is a small and independent webspace/shop that showcases Alice’s bags,  scarves, and sometimes quilts.

Visit Nouss Nouss the website and etsy shop for more…

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Immediately faved! Thanks for sharing.

Judith ~ Felicity Crew

Brittni, such a great pick! I LOVE that first bag too – wow! 🙂

Ink & Button

Thank you for always letting us know of such beautiful work. I’m in love with that bag too!


Me too Shanon.


I love the first bag too! So pretty and almost romantic.


Very cool pieces. I love the pleating work.


i love this shop! i just saw it yesterday and fell hard 🙂

lesley [smidgebox designs]

I think I am in love with all of these but most especially the first bag. What beautiful work!

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