Numbers Game

Left to right. Flickr photo from M.O.M.O. and Flickr photo from O!Rachew!

I have been waiting for the right time to post about the numerous (hehe) numbers goodies I have been bookmarking lately. And I think I have rounded-up enough now. So, here we go…

1. I Can Count to Eight Print from Yumi Yumi 2. The Magic Number from Walking Distance 3. Millimeter/ Milligram Calendar from Doe 4. Number 8 Sail Tote from Supermarket HQ

I love the print from Yumi Yumi and the one from Walking Distance. They are so different but interestingly enough, both emphasize the number 3 (one of my favorite numbers). That’s probably why I am so drawn to the photo from O!Rachew! as well. Funny, I didn’t even realize that until now.

5. Number Scarf White from Little Factory 6. Number Scarf Black from Little Factory

These scarfs are an absolute favorite of mine. I first stumbled upon these scarves after a post by Swiss MIss a while back. After contemplating my need for such a scarf for a day or two I decided that I NEEDED a scarf for myself and one for the boy as well for the “cold” Florida weather. Unfortunately, I was too late. They were sold out! But I have high hopes that they will make more. Here’s to hoping. 

7. Carpenter Wood Letters and Numbers from Three Potato Four  8. Lucky Numbers Pins from Day Lab

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i’m a graphic designer, so i’ve always loved numbers and letters and type in general. these samples are great!

i found a few numbers and letters for my shop as well…


Those scarves are awesome!


Oh brilliant, I love this collection, I have been looking for a calendar like that, simple but bold.

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