Here are some of my favorites from Oak right now.

1. Harmon Ethnic Mudcloth Dress 2. Acne Bright Blue A-Pant Jeans 3. United Bamboo Circle Beaded Button Blouse

4. Grey Mudcloth Scarf 5. Grey Ant Sunglasses 6. Gryson Nylon Olivia Bag

I am of the opinion that sunglasses should show your sense of humor. Now, I love the look of wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses, but unfortunately I just can’t pull them off no matter how hard I may try. I think the frames are too small for my face. So, I am one of the girls that sport the larger vintage style sunglasses. BUT I think those grey ant sunglasses would be a great compromise between the two styles because they are oversized. Also, they have a bit of that “nerd-glasses” appeal, which I can appreciate.

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