Off The Map: A Love for Bicycles

Leslie uses her formal art education and innate passion for vintage Americana to create Off The Map, an art line that’s colorful, unique, and nostalgic.

“I love nostalgic images and try to convey this through my art,” says Leslie. ” Much of my work consist of a map-inspired theme. I use vintage maps and find inspiration in the wonderful colors, texts, and design.”

Off The Map centers around bicycles. There are colorful representations of beautiful bikes, and the placid scenes you’ll encounter on a leisurely bike ride.

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I adore Off the Map’s stuff… I just wish the maps they used were more urban and less regional! Sort of hard to get on a bike in DC and ride out to Fairfax, after all… 😉 Love these, though!

Maggie [The Freckled Citizen]
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