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By Brittni • Updated on 01/09/2013

Hi! I’m finally back from holiday vacation and into the swing of things. It was really nice to take some time off and be away from the computer – something I really haven’t done for WAY too long.

I am definitely excited to jump back into work, but the time I spent away made me realize how important it is to step back and veg out every once in a while. Which brings me to today’s post…

Running a profitable business and blog is hard work. A lot of hard work. Like everyday, ten plus hours a day ‘hard’. At least that has been my experience. I can’t speak for anyone else. BUT what I can do is tell you that I have spoken to a lot of other creative entrepreneurs about this very thing – ladies that you know and admire; and based on the conversations I have had with these women, I know that I am not the only one that works long hours and gets overwhelmed from time to time. It happens.

In fact, it happens to pretty much everyone at one point or another.

So as you are creating your new year’s resolutions and goals this year, please don’t forget to include downtime – time for rest, time for family, time for yourself. Even when you think you couldn’t possibly fit it into your busy schedule. DO IT!

Deal? Deal!

You may not realize it now, but ensuring that you schedule time away from work, even when you are in full-speed-ahead mode, will save you from burn out later on down the line. Burn out can be the kiss of death if you let it, so avoiding this at any cost, when possible, is the way to go.

So here’s to making this year the best one yet, while (most importantly) maintaining your sanity along the way. Happy new year!

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@papernstitch its so easy to get caught up, so downtime and me-time are so important. Balance is everything 🙂 Thanks for the reminder xo


#NewYearResolution don’t forget downtime. http://t.co/PjH0x9ye @papernstitch Must take a weekend even if its not on the actual weekend.

(@six0sixdesign) (@six0sixdesign)

On Resolutions from @papernstitch http://t.co/r3fEoHDk

(@savvyjulie) (@savvyjulie)

This is so true! I’ve only just started taking my business idea seriously (am registering it next month!) but I already find myself sitting down working on it more often than not during the week.

I try to keep my day-to-day to do lists down to five key things or more. Why should resolutions be any different? It’s so easy to see an entire blank slate of a year ahead and burden oneself with too many things at once!

My resolutions are very much projects for the entire year:
1. Learn one new craft each month in 2013.
2. Take a photo each day with our Canon as a Project 365.
3. Sell at a craft market by June.
4. Start an herb garden.

#4 is my downtime resolution! My plants will need me whether there’s work to do or not. I look forward to all the messy digging and weeding in the year to come.

Another idea of mine I’m toying with: have one ‘no internet’ day a week. Hmm…

Thanks for the gentle reminder!
~ Anna

Anna Simmonds

you always have this idea, but you do need to see it written by someone else to realize how important it is! My 2012 has been the first year of full time food blogging, and if I have to find a problem, well, it would certainly be the lack of downtime.
So yep, I’ll add it on top of my 2013 resolution list!
Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

Juls @ Juls' Kitchen

I do love papernstitch blog, it is always inspiring!

“So as you are creating your new year’s resolutions and… http://t.co/WtsbkK9f

Giulia Scarpaleggia (@JulsKitchen)

On Resolutions http://t.co/wEFcDBcK I could have written this myself: ‘please don’t forget to include downtime’

Giulia Scarpaleggia (@JulsKitchen)

I love this post! I was recently in this mode where every hour of the day should be a “productive one”, so I’d making things at night, after working on them all day long. I decided to put a stop on everything related to work and computers after 6pm. SO much better to just sit and enjoy the evenings with my husband!


Love this. 🙂 What a fantastic reminder! All my resolutions center around increasing productivity- I should be able to fit in a few me moments too.
Happy New Year!


Downtime? What’s downtime? 🙂


Happy New Year, my dear! I took just over a week off from blogging and spent time with my funny little two-year-old and it was amazing. See you in a few weeks! xoxo


Yes! Good point Tilly. It’s not enough to ‘be away from your desk’. You also need to let your brain take a rest – and actively try to stop thinking about work during those downtime periods you set aside for yourself (free of guilt).


Oh my goodness, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking about. I’m a total workaholic and find it really difficult to relax when there is so much stuff I want to do in the world! I still want to work hard (for I love it so), but when I am away from my desk I want to be mindful of whatever else I’m doing rather than still thinking about work the whole time!


Definitely Raya. Don’t make yourself crazy! I wish you the best for the new year as well.

And agreed Tanya. Time for yourself is included in that downtime for sure. Always a good thing.


Downtime is so important for everyone. I think you should take time for just you. Being alone occasionally is a nice way to have downtime. Nobody to interrupt your thoughts( or nap). Thanks for the reminder to take some time to relax.


Believe me, Adventures in Dressmaking, I completely understand what you mean. It is hard to step away from the computer, especially when you know that work is piling up if you’re not there to do it. BUT downtime is crucial to running a successful business. That time away will invigorate you when you get back into it, and you’ll be able to tackle big tasks without feeling overwhelmed. Happy new year to you!


Thank you for this post. I think a lot of the bloggers are making lists that make themselves crazy! I like A Beautiful Mess’s idea though, they are a fan of making only 4 simple goals. Anyway, great, great post! I wish you the best for the new year ♥


Downtime is absoutely essential for me this year–I really need to include it in some resolutions! I haven’t made any yet for fear of not being able to define them clearly and keep them… but I really do want to learn to relax and take time off better! So hard to walk away from the computer! Thanks for the motivation!

Adventures in Dressmaking

love this post by @papernstitch ( http://t.co/sv3mhT1U ) downtime is DEFINITELY something i need to work on having in 2013!

(@jordanbrantley) (@jordanbrantley)

On Resolutions: Hi! I’m finally back from holiday vacation and into the swing of things. It… http://t.co/53LneECc

(@papernstitch) (@papernstitch)
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